Wirral Grammar School 11+ (11 plus) Exam Consortium moves from CEM to GL Assessment

From this year, Wirral Grammar Schools will use GL Assessment as their test publisher for their 11+ Exam. This marks a growing trend of grammar school consortiums moving back to the GL Assessment exam format.


The new test will cover Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics. These subjects will be assessed across two tests, roughly lasting one hour each. It’s interesting to note that the new GL Assessment exams share lots of similarities with the CEM format. For example, they now tend to use shorter sections, mixing up different  topics within each paper.


Whilst the official announcement does not mention assessment of Spatial Reasoning, the familiarisation document includes a Spatial Reasoning sample question within the Non-Verbal Reasoning guidance. This seem to reflect a new categorisation of Spatial Reasoning under the Non-Verbal Reasoning banner. As such, make sure your child is prepared to deal with Spatial questions as they are likely to come up in the new Wirral 11+ Exam.


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