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UPDATE: Warwickshire Grammar School Consortium Switches to GL Assessment for the 11 Plus Exam

For 2023 entry onwards, Warwickshire grammar schools have opted for GL Assessment instead of CEM as their 11+ exam provider. The 11+ exam will be taken in two sessions (AM and PM) and will consist of two papers, each lasting approximately 60 minutes. 


The areas covered are as follows:


  • English Comprehension
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • Non-Verbal + Spatial Reasoning


The scores will be age-standardised, ensuring that each student is assessed fairly. The exam will not include an English writing component. 


There will be a short break between the two exam sessions. Please note that your child may be disqualified if they bring along mobile phones, a calculator, a smartwatch, a tablet or an iPod. They also must not mark the question booklets, as they should use separate answer sheets for that purpose. 


Please click here to learn about the new Warwickshire 11+ assessment and access the resources your child should use to prepare for the exam. 

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