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*NEW* Topic Tests for the 11+ CEM Mathematics Exam


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NOTE: CEM no longer create written 11+ Exams for Grammar School entry. To find out the exact resources to use with your child instead, search for your target school at the top of this page.



We’ve just released a new pack:


11+ Mathematics (CEM) Topic Tests


Created by assessment experts, it will provide pupils with systematic coverage of everything they need to know ahead of the 11+ CEM Numerical Reasoning exam.


How will this product benefit my child?


It’s not easy to find a definitive syllabus that covers everything your child needs to know for the CEM 11+ Maths Exam. Furthermore, finding high quality questions, divided by topic and formatted into the style used by CEM is almost impossible.


We therefore decided to solve these issues by creating this new product. You can now access all the key syllabus topics across all the CEM question types in just one pack!


If you know which topics your child finds most challenging then this pack provides an excellent opportunity to efficiently target these weaker areas. If you’re not yet sure then the pack will act as a diagnostic, helping you to identify which areas you may wish to focus on going forwards.


Overall, you can rest assured that all the bases are covered and your child can approach their CEM exam with confidence.


What does this product contain?


We have split the CEM Maths syllabus into the 19 key topics below:



Angles and Degrees 


Estimation and Place Value 

Factors and Multiples 

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 




Perimeter, Area and Volume 

Position and Direction 


Properties of Shapes 

Ratio and Proportion 

Reflection, Rotation and Symmetry 


Special Numbers

Speed, Distance and Time 



For each of these topics, we have created a set of 30 questions, divided across the 3 main CEM formats:


Type A: Long Maths

Type B: Short Maths

Type C: Broader Multiple-Choice


So your child will be exposed to every possible topic across every possible format.


In total, there are 570 high quality questions that are specifically designed to help your child excel. Furthermore, we’ve included replica answer sheets for each of the different formats so your child can get used to marking their responses correctly. Answers are of course also included.


The whole pack is designed in the CEM style using the layouts, fonts, instructions and wordings that will be used on exam day.


Click here to learn more and view some sample pages.


This new pack rounds off our offering for the Maths section of the CEM 11+ Exam. A full range of our relevant products can be found below:


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*NEW* 11+ CEM Topic Tests


If you’re not sure if 11+ CEM  products are right for your child, just get in touch and let us know which schools you are targeting so we can confirm for you.

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