The World’s Favourite Fictional Teachers Ranked

If you could have any on-screen teacher from the world of popular culture adopt you, who would you choose?
We conducted an analysis of some of the biggest movie characters to rank the world’s favourite fictional teachers from Miss Honey, to Ross Geller, to Professor Snape….




Of course, Miss Honey made it to the top of the list of the worlds most loved fictional teacher followed by Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter and Dewey Finn from School of Rock.

Sam Coulson from Never Been Kissed, Yoda, and even Walter White from Breaking Bad made the top 10.


The worlds favourite fictional teachers (top 10):

  1. Miss Honey – Matilda
  2. Minerva McGonagall – Harry Potter
  3. Dewey Finn – School of Rock
  4. Sam Coulson – Never Been Kissed
  5. Yoda – Star Wars
  6. Severus Snape – Harry Potter
  7. Walter White – Breaking Bad
  8. Ross Geller – Friends
  9. John Kimble – Kindergarten Cop
  10. Remus Lupin – Harry Potter


Children want their teacher to adopt them, according to Google


Ever been caught in the embarrassing moment when you’ve called your teacher mum by mistake? (It happens to the best of us, don’t worry). Well, some children are actually praying for this to become a reality, according to Google Search data.


Google search autosuggest reveals that children are searching the internet for advice on whether their teacher can adopt them or not.


By typing “can my teacher” into the search function, it auto-suggests the most popular searches by its users worldwide surrounding the topic and divulges the top suggestions which reveal that children are searching for advice on how their teacher could adopt them.



However, they are not on their own. Numerous Reddit threads show that teachers are also looking for advice on the topic – asking the millions of users whether they have legal rights to adopt a child from their class.


So can teachers legally adopt a student from their school/class?


There are currently no policies ruling against teachers adopting children from their class – it’s perfectly legal to do so.


Evidently, teachers still need to go through the usual adoption process and screening to ensure the proper and legal adoption of the child, as well as deal with the different legalities and policies when it comes to the procedures at school. An enhanced CRB check will be required but this is covered when first starting a profession as a teacher.


No approval is needed from the education board. They will usually run reference checks with the school to ensure the relationship between the teacher and the child is a healthy one.


Some schools have policies in place preventing parents from directly teaching their child, which usually involves moving the child under different supervision during school hours. However, in most schools, it is perfectly acceptable. Many are happy for parents, children and siblings to be allowed to teach or be taught in the same class.


Faisal Nasim at Exam Papers Plus says “There is a famous saying, “You can’t take them all home with you”. Teachers often build close bonds with their students, and can feel like they are taking on a motherly/fatherly role, where they care not only about the child’s learning but have a deep connection with their students and their overall wellbeing.


Teachers adopting or fostering students is not rare, perhaps partially inspired by the famous story of Matilda”.

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