The Wandsworth Test: Year 6, 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information




There are currently 5 schools that use the Wandsworth Year 6 Test as part of their 11 Plus admissions process. Some of the schools use the test exclusively, whereas others use it in conjunction with their own aptitude exams.


For detailed admissions information on each school, please read the linked posts below:



11 Plus Exam Information for Wandsworth Schools


Registration Closing Date: September (year before entry)

Common Application Form (CAF) Closing Date: October

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: GL Assessment

Results Date: October

Allocations Date: March

Appeals Hearings: June, July

Admissions Info:, 020 8871 7316


How to Register for the Wandsworth Year 6 Test


Before registering for a place at any of the five schools that use the Wandsworth Test as part of their entry process, students and parents are encouraged to visit their preferred school during one of its open events. Typically, these events include a tour of the school, the opportunity to meet staff and current students, and learn more about the school’s admissions process.


Pupils who attend a state primary school in Wandsworth are automatically registered to take the Wandsworth Year 6 Test at their current school.


Parents only need to register their child if they are applying for a place at one of the five schools listed above and they attend an independent school, or a state primary school outside of Wandsworth.


Online registration forms are available from the Wandsworth Local Authority website from July, and the closing date for applications is early September. Some schools also require parents to complete a supplementary application form.


For more information on choosing a secondary school in Wandsworth, the local authority has a very useful booklet full of information about the admissions process for each school.


Wandsworth Schools, Year 6 Test, 11 Plus Exam Format


The Wandsworth Year 6 Test is designed to provide Wandsworth schools with an indication of a student’s academic ability. Students who have a statement of Special Educational Needs do not have to take the test.


The test is prepared by GL Assessment and has two parts:


  • A non-verbal reasoning test, which lasts for 55 minutes.
  • A verbal reasoning test, which lasts for 50 minutes.


There will be a short practice session before each test and a break between the two parts. For both sections, students are given a pre-printed answer sheet to complete, laid out in a similar format to a multiple-choice test. There is no extended writing involved.


Scores are marked electronically and are age-standardised to ensure that older students don’t have an unfair advantage. Test results are emailed to parents in October.


More information on the Wandsworth Year 6 Test is provided on the local authority website.


Practice Exam Papers for the Wandsworth Year 6 Test


Here at Exam Papers Plus, we specialise in producing resources to help students prepare for competitive entry exams, like the Wandsworth Year 6 Test. We have a range of practice papers that are specifically designed to help students familiarise themselves with the types of Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions that are used in this GL Assessment exam.


Students currently preparing for the Wandsworth Year 6 Test will find the resources below particularly useful. They cover all the question types that are known to appear in the Wandsworth Test, so your child can approach their exam with confidence. Each practice test is timed so your child can get used to working under time pressure. Answers are included.


Non-Verbal Reasoning

Full Practice Tests


Verbal Reasoning

Full Practice Tests

Skill Specific Practice



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The information provided about the Wandsworth Year 6 Test was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the schools directly if you are unsure of anything. Contact details are provided within individual school posts.

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