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Here at ExamPapersPlus, we offer skill-specific packs at various age levels. In this article, we’ll provide a little more detail about what’s included in the packs and how they can benefit your child.


Problem Solving


Each Problem Solving pack contains 100 questions. Maths questions in exams tend to follow specific patterns and contain repeated features. The problems in these packs are designed to expose your child to these patterns and features so that they are prepared for any type of problem solving question. Many of the questions they will face in the actual exam will be variations of the questions in these packs.


We have packs available for 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 11+ and 12+. Click on the links below to learn more:


6+ Problem Solving


7+ Problem Solving


8+ Problem Solving


9+ Problem Solving


10+ Problem Solving


11+ Problem Solving Pack 1 (Grammar Schools)


11+ Problem Solving Pack 2 (Grammar Schools)


11+ Problem Solving (Independent Schools)


12+ Problem Solving




Each Arithmetic pack contains 15 tests, with 15 questions each. These can be taken under timed conditions. The questions focus on fundamental maths skills that will provide a solid foundation for your child to work confidently, accurately and efficiently in an exam environment. 


We have packs available for 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 11+ and 12+. Click on the links below to learn more:


6+ Arithmetic


7+ Arithmetic


8+ Arithmetic


9+ Arithmetic


10+ Arithmetic


11+ Arithmetic


12+ Arithmetic




Each pack contains 20 tests, each with 10 questions. Children need to identify spelling errors in sentences and rewrite them correctly. Each pack focuses on 200 words that occur frequently in exams.


These exercises are a great way for children to improve their spelling whilst learning how to use new words in context.


We have packs available for 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 11+ and 12+. Click on the links below to learn more:


6+ Spelling


7+ Spelling


8+ Spelling


9+ Spelling


10+ Spelling


11+ Spelling Pack 1 (core vocabulary)


11+ Spelling Pack 2 (advanced vocabulary)


11+ Spelling Pack 3 (multiple-choice)


12+ Spelling


Vocabulary and Grammar


Each pack contains 20 tests that focus on developing your child’s vocabulary and grammar. There are a variety of different exercises included, based around the concept of cloze testing. The questions are designed to help children reflect on their choice of words and their correct usage.


We have packs available for 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+ , 11+ and 12+. Click on the links below to learn more:


6+ Vocabulary and Grammar


7+ Vocabulary and Grammar


8+ Vocabulary and Grammar


9+ Vocabulary and Grammar


10+ Vocabulary and Grammar


11+ Cloze (Words)


11+ Cloze (Sentences)


11+ Sentence Completion


12+ Vocabulary and Grammar




Each pack contains 20 tests. Children need to rewrite passages and insert correct punctuation. Some schools test this skill directly whilst others will assess it in the context of comprehension and composition responses.


We have packs available for 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 11+ and 12+. Click on the links below to learn more:


6+ Punctuation


7+ Punctuation


8+ Punctuation


9+ Punctuation


10+ Punctuation


11+ Punctuation (multiple-choice)


12+ Punctuation


Writing Prompts


Each pack contains a set of image-based composition prompts. Many schools include pictures or storyboards in their writing assessments and so these packs are designed to give children a chance to practice responding to these types of prompts.


We have packs available for 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+ and 11+. Click on the links below to learn more:


7+ Writing Prompts


8+ Writing Prompts


9+ Writing Prompts


10+ Writing Prompts


11+ Writing Prompts


Inference Skills


Each pack contains a set of 16 tests specifically designed to develop key inference skills.

We’ve identified and targeted the seven key forms of inference that students need to be aware of.


Packs are available for 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 11+ and 12+:


7+ Inference Skills


8+ Inference Skills


9+ Inference Skills


10+ Inference Skills


11+ Inference Skills


12+ Inference Skills


Listening + Dictation


Our Listening packs contain tests that assess English and Maths skills via spoken instructions. They help to develop students’ focus, attention to detail and listening skills. Audio recordings are provided alongside the test papers and answers:


7+ Listening


8+ Listening


9+ Listening


10+ Listening


Our Dictation packs are ideal for students preparing for schools that assess this skill, such as King’s Wimbledon and St Paul’s Juniors at 7+ and 8+:


7+ Dictation


8+ Dictation


Reading Comprehension


Our Reading Workbooks are an excellent way to foster a love of reading and help develop key comprehension skills:


7+ Reading Workbook


8+ Reading Workbook


9+ Reading Workbook


10+ Reading Workbook


11+ Reading Workbook


We also have targeted 11+ comprehension packs for both the GL and CEM format:


11+ Comprehension – CEM – Fiction


11+ Comprehension – CEM – Non-Fiction


11+ Comprehension – CEM – Poetry


11+ Comprehension – GL


Step by Step Guides


These guides provide a comprehensive and structured approach to developing key English and Maths skills within the specific context of exam preparation.


They are designed to be engaging and fun to use, with plenty of illustrations and positive reinforcement. They have proved to be very popular and the feedback from those that have used them so far has been excellent.


Our current range of guides is as follows:


7+ Writing Guide


7+ Comprehension Guide


7+ Mathematics Guide


8+ Comprehension Guide


8+ Writing Guide


11+ Writing Guide


11+ Comprehension Guide


11+ Interview Guide



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