St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus (13+) Entrance Exam Information




St Edward’s School (also known as ‘Teddies’) is a co-educational, independent day and boarding school in Oxford. Founded in 1863, Teddies is a member of the Rugby Group, the HMC and the Oxfordshire Independent and State School Partnership. [1]


Its broad curriculum covers art, biology, chemistry, classics, design technology, drama & theatre studies, economics, English, geography, history, history of art, mathematics, MFL, music, psychology, physics, sports, science and politics, as well as theology, philosophy & ethics.


Teddies offers over 50 clubs and societies and maintains links with several schools across the world, providing pupils with an opportunity to take part in an exchange programme and study in countries such as India and the United States. 


The school has had many additions to its facilities in recent years, including a music centre comprising 20 practice rooms, seven ensemble rooms, a rock room, a recording studio and a music library. The North Wall Arts Centre is considered pivotal to the school in regard to maintaining links with the local community. It has also won several major architectural awards for its design, such as the RIBA award.


Benefitting from ninety acres of pitches and all-weather surfaces, St Edward’s pupils demonstrate resilience and strength of character both in and out of the classroom. Furthermore, most of them take part in volunteering activities at local primary schools and charities, through which they learn about the importance of social inclusion and empathy.


St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus (13+) Exam Information


Address: Woodstock Rd, Oxford, OX2 7NN

County: Oxfordshire

Admissions info: or +44 (0) 1865 319203

School Type: Independent, co-ed day and boarding school 

Number of Students: 700 (approx.)

Open day: September

11+ Exam Date: January of Year 8

11+ Exam Type / Board: ISEB Pretest and ISEB Common Entrance


Open Events for St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus (13+) Entry


At 13+, the Open Day includes refreshments and a presentation by the Warden and other senior members of staff, as well as a tour of facilities. The event ends with a light buffet lunch. 


Smaller Open Mornings take place on most Saturday mornings during term time and include a meeting with the Warden, Admissions Team and House staff, a pupil-led tour of the school and a visit to a boarding house. 


Click here for more details on how to book your spot.


St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus (13+) Admissions


The school admits approximately 145 pupils into Year 9. Entry is subject to performance in the Pretest, taken in October/November of Year 7, an interview (January of Year 7), a current-school report and results of the Common Entrance exam, taken in January of Year 8.


To accept a place, you will be expected to pay an acceptance deposit of £1500, £1000 of which is refunded in your child’s final term at the school. Please click here to access the registration form.


St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus (13+) Scholarships and Bursaries


At 13+, St Edward’s offers awards in the following areas: Academic Ability, Music, Sport, Art & Design Technology, Drama, Dance, All Rounder and STEM.


To be considered for an Academic Scholarship, your child will be asked to sit papers in English, maths, French, Latin, history, geography and science, and will have the opportunity to choose an optional paper from Greek, RS, Spanish or German.


Music Scholarships are awarded following an audition. Your child should be minimum around Grade 5 level on their first instrument by the time of the trial.


Sports scholarships are typically offered to candidates with strong ability in two or more sports.


Art & Design Technology Scholarships are awarded on the basis of several criteria, including a portfolio. Please click here for more details.


Drama and Dance Scholarships are offered following successful auditions.


Applicants for the All-Rounder Award will be expected to score 65% in the entrance exams and demonstrate leadership qualities, as well as talent in two of the following areas: art, dance, design technology, drama, music or sport.


STEM scholarships are offered to successful applicants after they sit one specific paper in science and one in maths. They will also be expected to elaborate on a STEM-based scenario, given to them in advance, and attend a short interview, with focus on STEM subjects.


All scholarships are valued at 10%, whilst exhibitions carry a 5% fee reduction.


Academic, Music, Sports and All-Rounder Scholarships can cover up to 100% of fees if they are coupled with a means-tested bursary, which doesn’t apply for Dance, Drama, Art and Design Technology Scholarships. Bursary applications are made at the same time as the Scholarship applications.


St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus (13+) Exam Format | Common Entrance Route


The St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13+ pre-assessment consists of the following test:


  • ISEB Common Pretest


The online ISEB Pretest examines your child’s ability in skills such as numeracy, problem solving and vocabulary, with emphasis on how they think and respond to the curriculum. The test consists of modules testing Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.


The St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13+ Common Entrance exam consists of the following tests:


  • English
  • Maths 
  • Science


The maths exam assesses your child’s problem-solving abilities and arithmetic skills. The paper will include questions on number, measurement, geometry, algebra and statistics.


The science paper examines skills in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics. 


Please see below for further details and recommendations on how to prepare for the St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13+ entrance examination.


How to Prepare for the St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus (13+) Exam


To successfully prepare your child for the selective St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13+ entrance exam, we recommend using practice tests. Our resources fully reflect the actual exam by covering all the question types that could come up, whilst helping your child become familiar with the exam layout. 


Coupled with a structured study plan, our practice tests will help you define any weak areas that require additional work at the earliest. They will also help you recognise your child’s strengths, resulting in a significant boost of their confidence in the lead up to the big day.


Furthermore, your child will get used to answering questions quickly and effectively, under time pressure.


Our resources are designed to be age-appropriate, yet challenging, and, as such, they are used successfully by tens of thousands of students every year. Our recommendations to help your child prepare for the St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus entrance examination can be found below.


St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus (13+) Exam Practice Papers


Recommendations for each section of the St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus exam can be found below:


ISEB Common Pretest


St Edward’s School uses the online ISEB Pretest for their 13+ pre-assessment. We therefore recommend the following online products, which are specifically designed to help students familiarise themselves with the online test format in all four key subjects:


Online Practice Tests


ISEB Pretest Practice Test 1


ISEB Pretest Practice Test 2


ISEB Pretest Practice Test 3


ISEB Pretest Practice Test 4


ISEB Pretest Practice Test 5


Online Video Courses 


ISEB Pretest Maths Course


ISEB Pretest English Course


ISEB Pretest Verbal Reasoning Course


ISEB Pretest Non-Verbal Reasoning Course


Skill Practice Products 


ISEB Pretest English – Comprehension


ISEB Pretest English – Spelling & Punctuation


ISEB Pretest English – Sentence Completion


ISEB Pretest – Non-Verbal Reasoning



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We highly recommend the following packs to prepare successfully for the St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13+ English paper:


13+ English (Common Entrance) Pack 1


13+ English (Common Entrance) Pack 2




We highly recommend the use of the following pack to help develop your child’s arithmetic and problem-solving skills within the examination context of the St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus maths test:


13+ Mathematics (Common Entrance) Pack 1




To develop your child’s skills in the fields of science ahead of the St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13 Plus science exam, we strongly encourage the use of the following packs:


13+ Physics (Common Entrance) Pack 1


13+ Chemistry (Common Entrance) Pack 1


13+ Biology (Common Entrance) Pack 1



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in St Edward’s School, Oxford, 13+ past papers. The information provided about St Edward’s School, Oxford, was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.

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