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Founded in 1888, Rochester Grammar School is a girls’ grammar school with academy status. The lead school in the Thinking School Academy Trust, Rochester Grammar is a modern establishment that aims to provide its pupils will an excellent academic education and prepare them for life beyond their time at the school.


Rochester Grammar has high expectations of its pupils and, in return, aims to build their confidence by encouraging them to be independent, critical thinkers.


11 Plus Exam Information for The Rochester Grammar School


Address: The Rochester Grammar School, Maidstone Road, Rochester ME1 3BY

County: Kent – Medway

Admissions Info:, 01634 843 049

School Type: Girls’ Grammar

Number of pupils: 1,116 (approx.)

Number of Places in Year 7: 175

Open Day Date: October

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: Medway 11 Plus


The Rochester Grammar School 11 Plus Admissions


With 175 places available in Year 7, each place is determined by pupil performance in the eleven plus exam. Prior to applying for a place, parents are advised to attend the school’s open event to get more information about the admissions process.


The Medway Test is used by Medway grammar schools (including Rochester Grammar) and children who attend a primary school in the area will take the 11 Plus exam at their current school. Those living outside of the area will take the exam in an independent test centre.


In the event of oversubscription, Rochester Grammar will apply the following criteria, in this priority order:


  1. Children in public care
  2. Children who can demonstrate a specific musical aptitude (two places only)
  3. In rank order, based on the scores achieved in the tests


Get more details about Rochester Grammar School’s admissions process.


How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to The Rochester Grammar School


To apply for a Year 7 place at Rochester Grammar School, parents are required to complete a Common Application Form (CAF), as administered by the Medway local authority. All primary schools within the Medway area will receive booklets entitled ‘Admission to Secondary School: A Guide for Parents’ to distribute, which explains more about the registration process.


Alternatively, parents can call the admissions team at Medway Council on 01634 331110 with any Year 7 application questions.


The Rochester Grammar School Catchment Area


Does The Rochester Grammar School have a catchment area?


Yes, there is a catchment area with priority based on location and distance from the school.


The Rochester Grammar School 11 Plus Exam Format


The Rochester Grammar School 11 Plus exam consists of:



Both the verbal reasoning and maths tests are multiple-choice and last around 50 minutes each. The English test usually takes the form of an essay and last 50 minutes, which includes 10 minutes of planning time.


Previously in the Medway Test, the 11 Plus Maths and writing sections have been double-weighted in comparison to the Verbal Reasoning. This means the maths and writing scores are given twice the importance of the Verbal Reasoning score.


How to Prepare for The Rochester Grammar School 11 Plus Exam?


To keep stress levels to a minimum, we would always advise parents to plan ahead and use relevant practice resources. 11 Plus preparation should start as early as possible, as leaving it until the last minute can cause unnecessary anxiety for both children and parents.


Parents should encourage their daughters to complete 11 Plus practice papers under timed conditions for the Medway Test, to get them used to answering questions quickly and under pressure.


Practice Exam Papers for The Rochester Grammar School 11 Plus Exam


For the Rochester Grammar School eleven plus exam, we would recommend the following resources:


Verbal Reasoning – specific skill development


11+ CEM Cloze (Pack 1) Words

11+ CEM Cloze (Pack 2) Sentences

11+ CEM Comprehension (Pack 1) Fiction

11+ CEM Comprehension (Pack 2) Non-Fiction

11+ CEM Comprehension (Pack 3) Poetry

11+ CEM Inference Skills

11+ CEM Verbal Reasoning

11+ CEM Shuffled Sentences

11+ CEM Word Associations

11+ CEM Adjectives

11+ CEM Word Definitions

11+ CEM Synonyms & Antonyms (Pack 1)

11+ CEM Synonyms & Antonyms (Pack 2)

11+ CEM Spelling (Pack 1)

11+ CEM Spelling (Pack 2)


Maths/Numerical Reasoning – specific skill development


11+ CEM Short Numerical Reasoning

11+ CEM Long Numerical Reasoning

11+ CEM Multiple Choice Numerical Reasoning


English Writing – specific skill development


11+ Complete Writing Guide

11+ Writing Prompts

11+ Rewrite & Improve

11+ Spelling (Pack 1)

11+ Spelling (Pack 2)


Full Practice Tests 

(NVR sections not relevant for Medway)


11+ CEM Practice Test 1

11+ CEM Practice Test 2

11+ CEM Practice Test 3

11+ CEM Practice Test 4

11+ CEM Practice Test 5

11+ CEM Practice Test 6

11+ CEM Practice Test 7

11+ CEM Practice Test 8



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in The Rochester Grammar School 11+ past papers. The information provided about The Rochester Grammar School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.

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