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Being able to recall facts, figures and spellings is a useful skill to have at primary level. Whether your child is preparing for an exam, a class test, or revising course work, it helps to have a toolkit of revision techniques to draw from.


But let’s face it, sometimes revision can be boring and it’s difficult for kids to motivate themselves. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite revision games that make revising more fun.


Create a Revision Song, Rhyme, or Rap


You know how easy it is for a song to get stuck in your head, now imagine if that song served useful a purpose. Rewriting the lyrics of a song, a rhyme, or a rap with your child can be a great way of helping them revise. Whether we’re aware of it or not, songs and rhymes actually form part of our learning from a young age. Remember these:


  • Red and yellow and pink and blue…
  • ‘I’ before ‘E’ but not after ‘C’.
  • Thirty days has September, April, June and November.


The very process of writing down words and putting them into a song acts as revision in itself. Whenever your child needs to remember an important piece of information, they can sing the song back to themselves in their head and find the answer they’re looking for. This revision game is great for creative learners.


Make a Revision Quiz


Revision quizzes are a fun and engaging way to learn


This revision game is particularly effective when your child has a hand in creating the quiz. Together, write 20 questions that relate to the topic they’re revising. On the back of the same sheet of paper, write the corresponding answers. To make the game more fun, you could give out treats or rewards for correct answers.


If your child is a whizz on the computer, you could create the quiz as a PowerPoint presentation. And if they’re feeling particularly creative, you could have picture rounds, odd one out tasks and matching words to definitions.


It’s a good idea to include easy questions to boost your child’s confidence as well as difficult ones to challenge their knowledge and understanding.


Teacher Roleplay


This is a great exam revision game for when students need to have a deep understanding of a subject. With your child taking on the role of teacher, the aim is to have them explain a topic, concept, or theory to you as if they were teaching a class themselves.


Have them stand up as if they were in front of the class and have a blackboard or whiteboard readily available. This roleplaying game is lots of fun and will help your child explore topics in more depth.


As a parent, you can take on the role of student and ask questions that will prompt the teacher to remember certain facts and figures.


On a side note, teacher roleplaying is also a great homework game for primary kids.


Revision Snap


Revision snap with flashcards makes revising more fun


If your child is a kinaesthetic learner, this could be a great revision game for them. Together, write down questions relating to a particular revision topic. Once you have all the questions written, write each corresponding answer on its own flashcard. The more flashcards you have, the more fun the game will be.


Scatter the flashcards across the floor and read out the first question on your list. Your child has to find the corresponding answer from all the flashcards, shout SNAP! and pin the correct one to a board.


This revision game can also be played with additional players, with each competing to see who can work out the answer first, find the card, shout snap and pin it to the board.


Make Voice Recordings


For auditory learners, making voice recordings is a great way to remember information. Using a dictaphone, mobile, or any recording device that can be played back, have your child read their revision notes out loud into the recorder.


Whenever your child finds it difficult to motivate themselves to study, have them listen to the recordings using headphones. Although this is passive learning, your child’s subconscious mind will still be able to retain the information and recall it on the day of the exam.


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