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How to Revise for Biology GCSE

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As your GCSE biology test approaches, it’s time to start thinking about revision. And as they say, getting started is the hardest part. The key to revising for biology GCSE is to be organised and make the most of your time. At this stage, a significant amount of your focus should be on exam technique and applying your knowledge in an assessment situation. Here are our top tips on how to revise for biology GCSE:


Organise Your Coursework by Topic


In GCSE biology, there are eight main subject areas that are covered over the two tests: cell biology, organisation, infection and response, bioenergetics, homeostasis and response, inheritance, variation and evolution, ecology, key ideas.


We recommend that you pull out all the notes from your folders that relate specifically to the exam topics and reorganise them into a new folder. This way, if you find yourself struggling to remember a process or equation, you’ll have all the information you need immediately to hand.


For more information on the format of the tests, read our post GCSE Biology Test Format.


Make Your Revision Interactive with Biology Games


GCSE Biology exam preparation


There comes a point in everyone’s revision schedule when they feel like they’ve hit a wall. When you’re in a revision slump, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to study. When this happens, the key is to add some variety to your revision.


At Exam Paper Plus, we find that revision games can help lighten the load a little while still keeping you on your toes. Here are some revision games to try:


Post-it Note Challenge – Have a family member write out some sample questions on post-it notes and stick them around the house in discreet places. Every time you come across a post-it note, you need to answer the question as quickly as you can. This game is good for encouraging you to think on your feet.


Student as Teacher – Ask a friend or family member to choose a topic from your revision notes. You then need to teach them everything you know about the subject. The best thing about this game is that your partner doesn’t need to be a biology student. The process of explaining the topic aloud is enough to give you a confidence boost ahead of the exam.


GCSE Biology Countdown – Using practice tests, give yourself a time limit to answer each question. The more questions you answer, the quicker you’ll get. This game is really good at improving your time management skills and getting you used to answering questions under pressure.


Mind Mapping – If you’re feeling creative, you might want to try making mind maps to have a visual representation of what you need to know for the exam. We recommend creating a mind map for each of the eight topics in the biology syllabus and summarising all the essential information you need to know.


Create a GCSE Biology Equation Sheet


One of the most challenging aspects of biology GCSE revision is memorising equations. In order to apply a formula to a question, you first need to be able to recall it from memory. Learning equations by heart sounds like a daunting prospect but it’s not as difficult as it might seem.


We recommend creating a biology equation sheet, so you’ll have a visual reminder of all the formulas you’ll need to know for the exam. As you revise your coursework notes, write down all the equations you come across onto a chart. This way, you’ll have them all in the one place and can refer to them as you revise.


At the start of the exam, you may want to write down any equations that you usually struggle with. You’ll then be able to relax, knowing that you have them covered.


Our GCSE Biology Practice Tests


When it comes to revising biology GCSE, there’s no substitute for putting theory into practice in the form of practice tests. Not only can the help you add variety to your revision, but they’re a great way of charting your progress and improving your exam technique.


At Exam Papers Plus, we publish GCSE biology revision packs that can help boost your confidence and enable you to perform at your best on exam day.


Our biology packs cover all eight topics in the GCSE biology syllabus, so you can rest assured they provide a fair representation of the types of questions you’ll be asked in the exam. In creating our packs, we thoroughly analysed examiners’ reports from previous years to ensure we have every question type covered. To prepare you for every eventuality, we’ve even included some of the most difficult questions that you’re likely to come up against in the exam.


All of our GCSE packs are written and developed by former GCSE examiners and markers. They focus on the key skills that you need to do well in higher tier GCSE exams and include detailed mark schemes for every question. Each question is labelled to identify the relevant exam boards.


We’d highly recommend the following resources to help with your GCSE biology revision:



GCSE Biology: Key Skills



All of our GCSE packs are available immediately after download.



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