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*NEW* 11+ The Latymer School Practice Tests » Key Details

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We’ve just released five new practice tests:


11+ The Latymer School – Practice Test 1

11+ The Latymer School – Practice Test 2

11+ The Latymer School – Practice Test 3

11+ The Latymer School – Practice Test 4

11+ The Latymer School – Practice Test 5


They have been created by assessment experts to build your child’s confidence and improve their exam performance.


Who are these practice tests for?


They are for students seeking 11+ entry to The Latymer School, Enfield.


What is the format of the Latymer School 11+ Exam?


The Latymer School is one of the most sought after schools in the country. Thousands of applicants compete for the 192 places on offer.


The school’s 11+ Exam has two parts:


  • Part 1 consists of Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning tests in multiple-choice format. Each test is 30 minutes long and is created by GL Assessment.
  • Part 2 consists of Comprehension and Writing tests in standard format. These tests are each 30 minutes long and created by the school.


All students will have their Part 1 exam marked. However, only the top 650 scores are then eligible to have their Part 2 exam marked. These top 650 students are then ranked on their combined scores.


This is important to note as the Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning tests act as filters so it’s vital your child scores highly or their English paper won’t even be considered. However, the Part 2 English exam is still crucial as it helps to determine your child’s rank within the top 650.


Since only 192 places are available, scoring in the top 650 alone is likely not going to be enough to gain a place. Your child should aim to score as highly as possible so their overall ranking gets them directly in the top 192 places.


This guarantees that they will receive an offer from the school.


How will these practice tests benefit my child?


We’ve created these new practice tests to provide your child with accurate familiarisation ahead of their Latymer exam. We’ve covered all the elements that appear in both parts of the examination.


Each practice test includes Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Comprehension and Writing assessments, just like the actual Latymer exam. We’ve made sure to replicate key details such as the format, number of questions, timings and layout of the exam.


Overall, each full practice test takes 2 hours to complete. Answer response sheets are provided for the Maths and Verbal Reasoning sections, which are multiple-choice.


For English, we’ve included detailed mark schemes for both the comprehension and writing sections so you can easily assess your child’s work and see what needs to be included to gain each mark.


In an entrance test as competitive as this, it’s worth paying attention to even the smallest details. Across the five practice tests, we’ve covered all the key question types that have come up recently.


Furthermore, they are all pitched at accurate, exam level difficulty so they will provide excellent insight into your child’s current level and allow you to benchmark their progress from now until the exam.


What’s included in each practice test?


Each practice test includes:


– Mathematics Test including Practice and Example questions

– Verbal Reasoning Test including Practice and Example questions

– English (Comprehension + Writing) Test including detailed marking guidelines

– Answer Sheets

– Answers


Total test duration: 2 hours

Target score to aim for in each practice test: 85%+


Special Offer!


If you purchase all five of these tests together in a bundle, you will save 15% compared to buying them individually.


Click here to take advantage of this offer.

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