Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, 13 Plus (13+) Entrance Exam Information




Queen Anne’s School is an independent boarding and day school for girls situated in the suburb of Caversham just north of the River Thames and Reading town centre. Founded in 1698 by eight merchants in Westminster, the school has received the highest ratings from both Ofsted and the ISI.


The curriculum comprises art, English, classics, drama, economics, mathematics, science, history, geography, MFL, PE, music, computing, psychology, politics, PSHE and ICT.


The co-curricular programme covers over 100 clubs and activities, run by enthusiastic and dedicated staff. They range from Lacrosse, Horse riding and Ice skating, to Model United Nations, Astronomy Club and Codebreaking Club.


Fostering a strong community of girls who are curious, thoughtful and eager to learn and grow, Queen Anne’s School is fully deserving of its reputation for providing an array of opportunities for students to explore their interests and passions. The school combines an excellent curriculum, an extensive pastoral programme and stunning facilities to ensure that students gain complementary skills that allow them to step confidently into the world beyond school.


Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, 13 Plus (13+) Exam Information


Address: Henley Road, Caversham, Berkshire RG4 6DX

County: Berkshire

Admissions info: admissions@qas.org.uk or +44(0)118 918 7333

School Type: Independent day and boarding school for girls

Open day: May, June, March

11+ Exam Date: January of Year 6

11+ Exam Type / Board: CEM Select + School’s Own + ISEB Common Entrance


Open Events for Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, 13 Plus (13+) Entry


Open events provide families with the opportunity to take a pupil-led tour of the facilities, meet key staff members and learn more about what the school has to offer. Booking is made online


Besides attending the open events, you can also arrange a private visit and meet the Headmistress at a mutually convenient time. 


Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, 13 Plus (13+) Admissions  


Registration should take place as early as possible to ensure that your daughter attends events leading up to assessment day. The registration form can be found on the school’s website. You will also be expected to pay a non-returnable registration fee of £100.


The Assessment Day is held in the October prior to the year of entry and forms part of the Common Entrance procedure at 13+. Your daughter will sit an English paper and an online test, followed by a group interview and enjoyable activities.


After successful completion of the assessments, the school may offer you a reserved place. Results will be made known no later than two weeks from the assessment day.


Prior to the Common Entrance examination, the school will request a confidential reference from your daughter’s current Head. On the basis of successful performance in the Common Entrance in January, her place will be confirmed.


If your daughter is unable to sit Common Entrance, she will take the school’s own examination papers.


Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, 13 Plus (13+) Scholarships and Bursaries


The deadline for Scholarship applications is in the November prior to the year of entry. Academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance in the entrance examinations. The award covers a maximum of 30% of day fees and may be combined with two other academic scholarships. Smaller scholarships and exhibitions are also available. 


All-round scholarships are offered to academically strong applicants who demonstrate ability in two of the following four options: art, drama, music and sports. These are valued at up to 20% of day fees and include additional assessments.


A limited number of internal 13+ scholarships are awarded in art, drama, music and sport. Click here for more information.


The school offers Bursary assistance to girls of low-income families. Bursaries are means tested and subject to individual circumstances.


Uniform grants of up to £500 are also available. For more details, please contact the school.


Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, 13 Plus (13+) Exam Format


The Queen Anne’s School 13+ assessment consists of the following tests:


  • English
  • CEM Select


CEM Select examines your child’s skills in Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning. 


The Queen Anne’s School 13+ Common Entrance Exam includes papers covering:


  • English
  • Mathematics 
  • Science


The maths exam assesses your child’s problem-solving abilities and arithmetic skills. The paper may include questions on number, measurement, geometry, algebra and statistics.


The Science paper covers three areas of the curriculum: biology, chemistry and physics. 


Please see below for further details and recommendations on how to prepare for the Queen Anne’s School 13+ entrance examinations.


How to Prepare for the Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, 13 Plus (13+) Exam


One of the best ways to prepare your child for a highly competitive 13+ entrance exam is to familiarise them with the types of questions and the format of the actual exam. You can achieve this with the use of our practice tests.


Consisting of thoroughly researched and up to date questions, our practice tests will help you identify the strong and weak areas in your child’s knowledge base, and thus remove unnecessary stress from the exam preparation process.


By getting used to answering questions quickly and under time pressure, your child will gain a significant advantage over other candidates who prefer a less structured approach towards preparation for a competitive Year 9 entrance exam.


We highly recommend that you make use of our practice tests in order to increase your child’s confidence ahead of exam day. They are available for immediate download, print and use after purchase.


Our recommendations to help your child prepare for the Queen Anne’s School 13 plus entrance examination can be found below.


Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, 13 Plus (13+) Exam Practice Papers


Recommendations for the 13+ assessment can be found bellow:


CEM Select


The following full practice and skill practice online tests are specifically designed to help your daughter familiarise herself with the demands of the Queen Anne’s School online test (CEM Select):


Full Practice Tests


CEM Select Practice Test 1


CEM Select Practice Test 2


CEM Select Practice Test 3


CEM Select Practice Test 4


CEM Select Practice Test 5


Skill Practice


CEM Select – Missing Words



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Recommendations for the 13+ Common Entrance can be found bellow:




We highly recommend the use of the following pack to help develop your daughters arithmetic and problem-solving skills within the examination context of the Queen Anne’s School 13+ maths test:


13+ Mathematics (Common Entrance) Pack 1




To develop your daughter’s knowledge in Science ahead of the Queen Anne’s School 13+ entrance examination, we suggest that you make use of the following packs that cover all of the key question types:


13+ Physics (Common Entrance) Pack 1


13+ Chemistry (Common Entrance) Pack 1


13+ Biology (Common Entrance) Pack 1



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Queen Anne’s School, Caversham 13+ past papers. The information provided about Queen Anne’s School, Caversham was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.



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