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By Year 7, most children are competent in using online resources, so it makes sense to include them in their SATs practice. If your child enjoys using the internet as part of their usual study time, there are a number of ways you can incorporate it into their SATs revision. In this article, we look at how your child can prepare for the exam using online resources.


Improve Spelling Through Apps


One of the best ways to prepare for the SATs exam is to focus on improving spelling. There are plenty of online spelling tests available, but using an app means your child can practice their spelling on the go, whether they’re in the car or waiting for swimming practice.


Squeebles Spelling Test is an app that allows parents to manually input words for their children to spell. By typing your selected words into the app, your child will be presented with a list of words spoken aloud for your child to spell. This app is easy to use and can make your child’s spelling revision a lot more fun.


KeyStageFun has a host of pre-recorded spelling tests available to download for both KS1 and KS2 level. Their phonics tests can really help your child improve their spelling by sounding out words. The tests available on this app fully adhere to National Curriculum teaching requirements.


Use a Grammar Checker


Screenshot of the Scribens website


Learning the grammatical skills required for the SATs exam can be difficult. Nevertheless, it’s an important area for your child to focus on. In order to be awarded full points in the exam, your child needs to demonstrate that they have a solid grasp of English grammar. When preparing for the SATs, an online grammar checker is a useful tool for highlighting your child’s weaker areas.


Free online grammar checkers such as Grammar Check and Scribes can help children improve their writing skills, as they allow them to enter text for review. Initially, we would suggest that parents use these checkers with their children, to ensure that they’re being used correctly. Once your child understands how to use them, they can work with these tools independently.


Take Online Mental Maths Tests


Timed online maths tests are a great way to improve your child’s ability to work out sums in their head quickly. Mental maths tests like those found on BBC Bitesize can help sharpen your child’s skills.


Many of these online tests are timed, which give your children the experience of answering questions under pressure – something that they will face in the KS2 SATs.


Read Child-Safe News Sites


Screenshot of the WhizTimes website


Children sitting their SATs, especially at KS2 level, need to demonstrate good reading comprehension. This part of the exam involves understanding the meaning of words, reading at speed and critical thinking, all of which can be improved with regular practice.


It’s important to give your child plenty of reading material from a variety of sources to maintain their interest and to prepare them for the SATs texts that they might face.


Child-safe online news websites such as and The Learning Network, aimed at older primary school children, are a good place to start. These child-friendly news sites are an invaluable resource for improving your child’s reading skills.


At Exam Papers Plus, we publish SATs practice exam papers that can help your child prepare for their SAT exams. We’d suggest introducing our online papers into your child’s preparation early on, to help them become familiar with the layout of the exam and give them experience of answering questions under timed conditions.


Our SATs practice papers can also improve your child’s time management and boost their confidence heading into the exam room.


Our SATs resources include:


Key Stage 1 SATs Practice Test 1


Key Stage 1 SATs Practice Test 2


Key Stage 2 SATs Practice Test 1


Key Stage 2 SATs Practice Test 2



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