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*NEW* The Complete Guide to 11+ Comprehension – Learn More


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We’re delighted to announce that our Complete Guide to 11+ Comprehension is now available. Created by assessment experts, it covers every aspect of the 11 plus comprehension task.


Who is the 11+ Comprehension Guide for?


The guide has been specifically designed for students taking an 11+ exam that includes a comprehension component.


This includes almost all 11+ Independent School tests as well as many Grammar School assessments. We’ve made sure the guide covers all the question types and formats that have appeared in actual exams in recent years.


If you’re not sure if the school/s you are targeting assess comprehension, just let us know and we will confirm for you.


How will my child benefit from this guide?


Many students find comprehension tricky. From our experience, this can often be because they lack the relevant mental models and frameworks to approach the various question styles.


Our new guide is specifically designed to provide these models and frameworks. It covers every single element of the 11+ comprehension task and is packed with actionable advice, tips and techniques.


It includes multiple comprehension samples across all categories. These are annotated and analysed in great detail, allowing students to learn exactly what the differences are between high and low quality answers, and how and why marks are awarded in the actual exam.


By taking this granular approach, the guide aims to strengthen and reinforce your child’s understanding of exactly what is required of them, what they need to look for and how to implement this knowledge to write effective, accurate responses.


Therefore, they will be able to approach their exams with confidence.


What’s included in the guide?


Question type categories covered by the guide include:


1) Information retrieval questions
2) Inference questions
3) Literary Technique questions
4) ‘In your own words’ questions
5) Opinion questions
6) Language definition questions
7) Mini creative-writing questions
8) Multiple-choice questions


That’s not all though, the guide also contains:


– Detailed analysis of the overall comprehension task covering key skills and techniques to help your child achieve mastery


– Thought provoking suggestions from an examiner to give your child full perspective


– Dedicated section with specific tips, tricks and strategies to maximise marks and efficiency under time pressure


– Seven specially designed complete practice tests so your child can practise their new skills


– Detailed answers and mark schemes for all included tasks and tests so you can gauge performance


There’s a whole lot more included too, but I don’t want to keep you too long?


Suffice to say, we believe this to be the most comprehensive and useful guide to 11+ Comprehension available today.


You can view the contents, introduction and a few sample pages here.

The guide contains over 260 beautifully designed and illustrated pages.

As with all our products, it’s available for immediate download and use after purchase.


Click here to learn more.



We hope you find this new resource beneficial! If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to help.

Bookmark this page? Pop your email into the box below to receive a link to this article so you can easily refer back to it later.

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