*New* Comprehension Packs for the St Paul’s Girls’ School (SPGS) Comprehension Test

We’ve just released some new products for students seeking 11+ entry to St Paul’s Girls’ School:




What is the SPGS Comprehension Test?


St Paul’s Girls’ School (SPGS) is one of the country’s top schools with a very competitive entry process.


Their 11+ Exam includes a highly unusual test called Comprehension.


Whilst this test assesses English skills, it also has a strong scientific element, with questions that assess ‘working scientifically’ skills, such as:


  • Planning scientific experiments
  • Identifying variables
  • Ensuring a fair test
  • Taking measurements
  • Recording data
  • Presenting data
  • Interpreting data (from tables, graphs and diagrams) and identifying relationships
  • Interpreting / labelling scientific diagrams
  • Using data to make estimations and predictions
  • Evaluating methods and results
  • Drawing conclusions.


These types of questions constitute anything from a third to a half of the paper.


The test also often contains questions which include codes, such as semaphore.



How will these new practice tests benefit my child?


There are a couple of sample Comprehension papers available on the school’s website. However, there are not many and they don’t include sample answers, explanations or mark schemes.


Therefore, we decided to create four original Comprehension tests to help students prepare for this challenging exam.


The content in each of our four practice tests is unique. We’ve made sure to match the difficulty and style of the actual papers, including separate source sections and an accurate blend of English, Science and Data Handling questions.


Most importantly, each paper comes with sample answers and a detailed mark scheme, showing exactly how and why each mark is awarded.


This crucially allows your daughter to learn and improve, maximising her potential ahead of the actual exam.


As with all our resources, these new tests are available to download and print immediately after purchase.


Click the links below to view sample pages and learn more:



11+ SPGS Comprehension Test 1


11+ SPGS Comprehension Test 2


11+ SPGS Comprehension Test 3


11+ SPGS Comprehension Test 4



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We hope you find this new resource beneficial! If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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