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We’ve just released three new packs:


7+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 1

7+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 2

7+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 3



These are specifically designed for students preparing for the 7+ Entrance Exam for St. Paul’s Juniors. Each pack is pitched at exam level difficulty but contains unique questions.


What does each pack contain?


– Each pack contains a full practice test covering all the subjects assessed in the St. Paul’s 7+ exam: Verbal Reasoning, Mental Maths, Written Maths, Reading Comprehension, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Dictation.

– MP3 Audio recordings are included for the Mental Maths and Dictation sections to simulate how these parts of the test are assessed in the actual exam.

– Answers are included for every question.


How will these practice tests benefit my child?


The St. Paul’s Juniors 7+ Exam follows a specific timetable and contains a number of unique elements.


We’ve focused on making these practice tests as accurate as possible, pitching them at the correct difficulty level.


They will give you a helpful overview of your child’s strengths and weaknesses so you know what areas to focus on.


This is especially relevant for St Paul’s as their admissions system requires boys to hit minimum scores in each subject. As such, it’s better to focus on areas where your child is less confident rather than further improving stronger areas.


These practice tests:


  • match the timings and order of the actual exam so you get an accurate idea of what your child will need to deal with on exam day.
  • match the format and specifics of the actual exam. For example, Mental Maths is delivered via audio recording and no workings are allowed, Dictation is in separate sentences, Reading Comprehension is multiple-choice etc.
  • match the difficulty level you can expect in the actual exam.
  • include questions, question types and question styles that have come up in the exam in previous years.


In short, these are the most accurate and comprehensive practice tests available for the St. Paul’s Juniors 7+ Exam.



Click the links below to learn more and purchase:


7+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 1

7+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 2

7+ St. Paul’s Juniors Practice Test 3



If you buy all three practice tests together, you can use the code eppdiscount at checkout to get 20% off.

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