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*NEW* 12+ Inference Skills – for the Comprehension Section of the 12 Plus English Exam


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We’ve just released the next pack in a new series designed to help students improve key inference skills:


12+ Inference Skills


As with all our resources, it’s designed to make your exam preparation targeted and efficient, focusing on the key skills and knowledge that will make the difference.


What is inference and why is it relevant for the 12+ exam?


An inference is a conclusion that is based on evidence and reasoning.


The comprehension section of most 12+ exams will contain questions that test this skill.


These questions tend to be among the trickiest as they require students to form their own conclusions based on contextual evidence from the text.


Inference questions are often also worth more marks and can therefore make a large difference in a student’s overall English score.


Which 12+ exams assess Inference Skills?


Inference questions come up in 12+ English exams.


The question formats may vary from school to school but the core skills will be tested in every 12+ exam with a comprehension component, whether standard format or multiple-choice.


How will this new pack benefit my child?


Using our knowledge and experience of the 12+ exam, we’ve identified seven key forms of inference that students need to be aware of:


A. Deriving a contextual synonym
B. Using logic to complete a sentence
C. Using context to infer a situation
D. Using context to choose a connector
E. Interpreting feelings and emotions
F. Choosing a homonym in context
G. Selecting the most appropriate word


We’ve created a series of tests to target these specific inference skills, helping your child to develop sharpness and build confidence.


What’s included in the pack?


– 16 targeted practice tests, each with 20 questions

– A mix of multiple-choice and open-answer formats

– Answers

– Available for download immediately after purchase


Click here to learn more and purchase.



We hope you find this new resource beneficial! If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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