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*NEW* 11+ Reading Workbook – Learn More


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Read on to learn how our 11+ Reading Workbook will benefit your child.


What is the 11+ Reading Workbook?


Our Reading Workbook comprises:


1) A fascinating 10,000 word story

2) A ‘Did you know?’ non-fiction section

3) Bespoke comprehension questions

4) A targeted vocabulary list

5) Detailed Answers & Mark Scheme


How will the 11+ Reading Workbook benefit my child?


The purpose of the Reading Workbook is to help children develop a love of reading through a unique and engaging story.


This story us designed to target the specific skills that will help improve exam performance in 11+ English comprehension assessments.


It exposes students to targeted vocabulary, phrases, punctuation and grammar at just the right exam level.


Furthermore, we have included numerous comprehension questions to help students reflect on what they have learnt and practise the various question types that could come up in their exam.


This is followed by a further non-fiction text accompanied by its own set of questions so students get used to reading and responding to different types of text.


The 11+ Reading Workbook also includes a targeted Vocabulary List, providing further context and detail for the words used in the stories.


Finally, there is a detailed set of answers and mark schemes for all questions to help your child learn and improve.


If you would like to encourage your child to read more, whilst developing relevant exam specific comprehension skills, this Reading Workbook will prove beneficial.


Click here to view some sample pages from the 11+ Reading Workbook.


To purchase the 11+ Reading Workbook, click here.


As with all our resources, it is available for immediate download and use after purchase.


Our 11+ English Comprehension range now stands as follows:


11+ English Pack 1 (Standard Format)


11+ English Pack 2 (Standard Format)


11+ English Pack 3 (Standard Format)


11+ English Pack 4 (Standard Format)


11+ English Pack 1 (Multiple-Choice)


11+ English Pack 2 (Multiple-Choice)


11+ English Pack 3 (Multiple-Choice)


11+ English Pack 4 (Multiple-Choice)


11+ English Pack 1 (CEM)


11+ English Pack 2 (CEM)


11+ Inference Skills


11+ Reading Workbook


11+ Guide to Comprehension



Click here to view our full 11+ range.



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We hope you find this new resource beneficial. As ever, please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries.


Bookmark this page? Pop your email into the box below to receive a link to this article so you can easily refer back to it later.

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