NEW 11+ CEM – Cloze Pack 2 – Sentences


We’ve just released a new pack:


11+ (CEM) Cloze Pack 2 – Sentences


Who is this pack designed for?


This pack is designed for students taking CEM 11+ exams for Year 7 entry. This includes CEM grammar school exams as well as CEM independent school exams, like the London Consortium assessment.


If you’re not sure if the school/s you are targeting use CEM, let us know and we will confirm for you.


What is the ‘Cloze – Sentence’ question type?


Unlike Cloze Pack 1, which covers missing words, this pack focuses on missing sentences.


Students are presented with passages with four sentences missing. They are also provided with five possible sentences to fill the gaps. They must decide which sentence fits each gap and mark it on the answer sheet provided.


Not only is this form of cloze appearing more often in exams, it is, in my opinion, the trickiest form of the question type.


Students need to be able to scan the passages efficiently, working under tight time pressure. The differences between the answer choices can be quite subtle, testing not just vocabulary but also a student’s understanding of grammar, punctuation and literary devices in both fiction and non-fiction. Click here to view a sample page.


How will this pack benefit for my child?


Here at Exam Papers Plus, our mission is to create targeted resources that make exam preparation as efficient and effective as possible.


Sentence-based cloze is a tricky question type and it’s unlikely your child will have had much exposure to it previously.


As such, this pack will benefit them by providing focused practice, familiarising them with a wide variety of possibilities and examples.


Once they complete the pack, your child will be able to deal with these types of questions quickly and confidently. There is simply no better preparation tool available to help your child attain mastery of sentence-based cloze.


What’s included in the pack?


The pack contains 24 timed practice tests, designed and formatted exactly like the actual exams.


Replica answer sheets are included so your child can get used to marking their answers as they will need to on test day.


Answers are included.


Click here to buy this pack. It is available for download and use immediately after purchase.


Which other resources will help my child prepare for CEM Verbal Reasoning?


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We hope you find this new resource beneficial. As ever, if you have any questions or queries, get in touch!


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