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Loughborough High School is an independent school for girls in Loughborough, Leicestershire. It was founded in 1850 and is considered one of the country’s oldest grammar schools for girls.


Loughborough High School is one of the four schools that operate under the auspices of the Loughborough Schools Foundation (LSF), along with Loughborough Grammar School for boys, Fairfield Preparatory School and Loughborough Amherst School. 


The school was a leader in the adoption of iPads to assist learning and is noted for winning many National Awards for its students’ innovative ideas and inventions.


Loughborough High School’s refurbished and extended laboratories offer lectures in STEM subjects, further perpetuating the dynamic mix of past and present, of tradition and future ambition.


Other core subjects taught at LHS are mathematics, religious studies, science, humanities, along with French, German and Spanish as modern language options.


All pupils from Year 7 to Year 13 study PSHCE. The variety of topics include relationships, study skills, careers and preparation for higher education. 


LHS aims to instill students with skills that allow them to make responsible and positive decisions about issues affecting them, whilst encouraging self-expression along the way.


According to recent GCSE Results, 5 students have achieved the highest possible grade (Grade 9 /A*) in every subject taken, 17 pupils have achieved nine or more of grades 9 – 8, and 27 students have achieved 9 grades of 9 – 7 in every subject taken (equivalent to A*/A).


The school’s community is deeply involved in charity. Recently, an impressive amount of £38,728.86 was raised by the school and later donated to a local homeless charity, Falcon Support Services, aiming to help prevent homelessness locally over the Christmas period.


Through a superb education and extensive community service, the school inspires its students to always remain true to the school’s motto: Fais Ce Que Dois Advienne Que Pourra (Do What You Must, Come What May).



Loughborough High School 11 Plus (11+)  Exam Information



Address: Burton Walks Loughborough LE11 2DU

County: Leicestershire

Admissions info: high.admissions@lsf.org or 01509 283800

School Type: Independent day school for girls

Number of Students: 650 (approx.)

Open day: Arbitrary

11+ Exam Date: January of Year 6

11+ Exam Type / Board: School’s own



Open Events for Loughborough High School 11 plus (11+) Entry



If you wish to see the school in action and learn about the admission process, you have three visiting options.


Personal tours can be arranged with the Registrar, during which you will get a sense of a day in the life of the school and see some of the many facilities, including the first-class Loughborough Schools Music building. Meeting with the Head is also a possibility. 


Option two is to visit the school during the regular Open Days. They include tours, complemented by a range of performances, displays of work and presentations from the Head and Senior staff members.


Option three is a Taster Day. They provide the opportunity for your daughter to join classes, meet other pupils, gain an insight into School Life, make friends, enjoy lunch and have a great time overall.


Regarding each of these options, you can get answers to any questions by contacting the Registrar, Alison Anderson on 01509 212348 or by email high.admissions@lsf.org



Loughborough High School 11 Plus (11+) Admissions



The exams for Year 7 entry are set in January. The aim of the entrance examinations is to assess your child’s real academic potential. There will also be an interview with a senior staff member.


A report from your daughter’s current school will be requested, although she will not be penalised if it’s not provided.


The admission process includes completing a registration form with a non-refundable fee of £100 per candidate.



Loughborough High School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Format



The assessment consists of English, maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning papers.


The comprehension section of the English paper measures the ability to understand written passages by means of comprehension questions. These include an explanation of the writer’s meaning, the drawing of reasonable inferences and understanding and explaining the meanings of words. The paper lasts 50 minutes.


The writing section tests the ability to write well by conveying meaning clearly, writing in an interesting manner, and demonstrating originality, imagination and thoughtfulness. The paper also examines the use of a wide vocabulary and a variety of sentence structures. A reasonable standard of spelling and punctuation will be expected. The test lasts 40 minutes.


The maths paper is designed to test your daughter’s powers of reasoning and her ability to apply mathematical concepts. It will examine her skills in calculations and mathematical operations, algebra, geometry, mensuration, statistics and probability. This is a non-calculator paper that lasts 60 minutes.


The Non-Verbal Reasoning paper assesses your daughter’s innate abilities to understand, interpret and problem-solve, testing logic and intelligence rather than knowledge.


Please see below for further details and recommendations on how to prepare for the Loughborough High School 11+ entrance examinations.



How to Prepare for Loughborough High School 11 Plus (11+) Exam



Loughborough High School’s 11+ entrance exam is highly competitive and selective. We therefore strongly recommend that you make use of our resources, which fully reflect an 11+ exam of such nature. They provide an insight into the layout of the actual exam, successfully preparing your daughter for the types of questions she will encounter on the big day.


Getting your daughter used to answering questions by practising with our tests will help you identify her strengths and weaknesses. Once you determine her weak areas, you will then be able to adjust her studying schedule accordingly. 


Such a structured approach tends to help children overcome their nerves and gain a significant advantage over other candidates. For this reason, our practice tests are used successfully by tens of thousands of students every year.


They are practical, effective and efficient, and most importantly, they make the preparation process less demanding and easily manageable. 


Please see below our picks for a successful Loughborough High School 11+ entrance exam preparation.



Loughborough High School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Practice Papers





The following packs are the appropriate choice for your daughter ahead of the Loughborough High School 11+ English exam. They will help improve comprehension and writing skills, including spelling, vocabulary and inference:




11+ English Pack 1


11+ English Pack 2


11+ English Pack 3


11+ English Pack 4


11+ English Pack 5


11+ Inference Skills


11+ Complete Comprehension Guide


11+ Reading Workbook




11+ Complete Writing Guide


11+ Writing Prompts


11+ Spelling Pack 1


11+ Spelling Pack 2




For the Loughborough High School 11+ maths test, we strongly suggest that you use the following packs, which will help develop your daughter’s skills within an examination context:


11+ Mathematics Pack 1


11+ Mathematics Pack 2


11+ Mathematics Pack 3


11+ Mathematics Pack 4


11+ Problem Solving


11+ Mental Arithmetic


Non-Verbal Reasoning


For the Loughborough High School 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning paper, make use of these highly recommended packs of practice tests that cover all of the key question types:


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 1


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 2


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 3


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 4




11+ Interviews – The Complete Guide



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Loughborough High School 11+ exam past papers. The information provided about Loughborough High School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.


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