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Located in Belfast, Hunterhouse College was established in 1987 and is a girls’ voluntary grammar school with approximately 800 pupils. The College was formed from the amalgamation of two local schools – Ashleigh House School and Princess Gardens School.


Throughout Key Stage 3, the College’s curriculum is broad and balanced, designed to encourage a love of learning and finding subjects each student is passionate about. To develop their learning further, girls can take part in a selection of extra-curricular activities such as show jumping, fencing and performing arts.


Transfer Test Information for Hunterhouse College


Address: Hunterhouse College, Upper Lisburn Road, Finaghy, Belfast BT10 0LE

Admissions Info:, 0289 061 2293

School Type: Girls’ Grammar

Number of pupils: 800 (approx.)

Number of Places in Year 8: 100 (approx.)

Open Day Date: January

Exam Date: November/December

Exam Board Type: GL Assessment / AQE (Common Entrance Assessment)


Hunterhouse College Admissions


Hunterhouse College uses assessments from both GL Assessment and AQE to determine admission to the school. Students hoping to gain a place at the school will be required to sit one of these assessments, although they can arrange to sit both if desired. In both assessments, once students have taken the tests, results are banded and age standardised.


In cases where there are more applicants than available places, the following oversubscription criteria is used, giving priority to:


  1. Children who have a sibling currently enrolled or accepted for admission at the College
  2. Children who have a sibling who attended Hunterhouse College
  3. Children who are entitled to Free School Meals
  4. Children who are the eldest child of the family


For more information on the admissions process or oversubscription criteria, email or call the College on 0289 061 2293.


How to Apply for Year 8 Entry to Hunterhouse College


Hunterhouse College holds a familiarisation day prior to the actual assessments to allow children to experience the environment and meet supervising staff. The school also encourages parents and prospective students to visit the school before applying for a Year 8 place.


Parents who intend on having their child take the GL Assessment test should complete the registration form on the PPTC website.


Hunterhouse College Transfer Test Format


Students aiming to gain a place at Hunterhouse College through the PPTC Transfer Test will sit two multiple-choice papers in Maths and English.


Maths Paper – this takes 45 minutes and has 45 questions. The majority of the

questions are based on the school’s curriculum and are designed to test students’ understanding of mathematical concepts and processes.


English Paper – this takes 50 minutes and has 60 questions. The paper begins with three reading passages followed by comprehension questions (60% of total mark). There are then spelling and punctuation questions, followed by general questions (40% of total mark).


More information on the content of the test papers can be found on the PPTC website.


How to Prepare for the Hunterhouse College 11 plus (11+) Transfer Test?


The key to preparing for the PPTC Transfer Test is to be organised, focused and prepared. We suggest that parents help their child create an easy-to-follow revision timetable that covers all the required subjects, while also allowing time for relaxation.


Students can maximise the time they have to revise by starting the process early and investing in the best resources available. It’s important to be organised and follow a clear revision strategy. In doing so, students will find the Transfer Test much easier to understand.


Parents can monitor their child’s academic progress by choosing from our selection of online practice papers. Students preparing for the Hunterhouse College Transfer Test will find the following resources particularly useful:



Full Practice Tests

Skill specific practice



Full Practice Tests

Skill specific practice



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Hunterhouse College 11+ past papers. The information provided about Hunterhouse College was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.



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