Brain Teaser: Sharpen Your Eyesight and Find the Hidden Pencil

Everyone loves a good brainteaser. And if you fancy yourself as the “Where’s Wally” Champion amongst your friends and family, then you might like your chances at picking out the pencil in this puzzle.


Yes, that’s right. Hidden amongst the ocean of coloured books in the image below is a pencil, but it will take a particularly keen eye eye to pick it out amongst all the chaos of the image.


How long should it take? How long’s a piece of string. The record at Exam Papers Plus HQ this morning was 19¬†seconds. Reckon you can beat that? Have a go for yourself…


hidden pencil puzzle image


Still looking?


Give up yet?


Need the answer?

Drag the arrow across below to reveal the answer and let us know how quickly you found it!


By Exam Papers Plus

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