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Hereford Cathedral School is an independent, co-educational day and boarding school located next to Hereford Cathedral. The school is amongst the oldest in England, with the earliest documented record of its existence dating from 1384.


Pupils study a broad range of subjects: art, biology, chemistry, Classics, design & technology, drama, economics, English and Modern Languages, geography, history, maths, music, PE & Games, physics and religious studies.


From CCF and debating to international travel experiences and participation in music ensembles, the school enables learning beyond the classroom which builds up pupils’ confidence as they approach adulthood.


The small class sizes and outstanding facilities guarantee fantastic results and a range of opportunities, whilst the ethos, widely recognised as unique to the school, enables pupils of all ages to excel both at school and beyond.


11 Plus (11+) Exam Information for Hereford Cathedral School


Address: Old Deanery The Cathedral Close Hereford, HR1 2NG

County: Herefordshire

Admissions info: or 01432 363506

School Type: Independent co-educational boarding and day school

Number of Students: 530 (approx.)

Open day: November, March

11+ Exam Date: January/ February

11+ Exam Type / Board: School’s own


Open Events for Hereford Cathedral School 11 Plus (11+) Entry


The school encourages individual visits, organised at a time that suits you. They consist of an informal chat with the Headmaster and a tour of the school, which provides families with an opportunity to view the facilities and meet pupils. You can arrange a visit via the Admissions Office.


Hereford Cathedral School also organises Open Mornings, Afternoons and Evenings, which offer you and your child similar activities and the chance to see the school in action.


Hereford Cathedral School 11 Plus (11+) Admissions


If you wish to enter your child for admission to Hereford Cathedral School, you will be asked to complete a Registration Form which includes a non-returnable Registration fee of £75. Completion of the Registration Form ensures that your child’s name is on the prospective pupil registration entry list and that relevant information about the admissions process will be sent to you at the appropriate time.


That process includes attending an interview and an entrance examination. Both aim to identify children who have the potential to flourish at Hereford Cathedral School. 


The interview lasts twenty minutes and takes place on a separate day prior to the entrance examination. Your child will be interviewed by either the Headmaster, a member of the Senior Leadership Team/Head of House or a Year 7 Tutor. During the interview, your child will read a brief comprehension exercise and discuss their interests and hobbies.


The school will also request a reference from your child’s current school, usually prior to the entrance examination.


Please see below for further details on the written exam.


Offers of places are posted as soon as possible after the results of the entrance examinations are known. A Parent Contract and Acceptance Form are included in the offer letter. When accepting a place, you will be asked to return the Acceptance Form together with an acceptance fee of £400. £150 will be retained in the school funds until the pupil leaves, whilst the remaining £250 is non-refundable and will be added to the “HCS Charitable Bursary Scheme”.


Hereford Cathedral School 11 Plus (11+) Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarships and bursaries are usually applied for at the same time as registrations. Academic Scholarships are awarded by the Headmaster on the basis of your child’s performance in the Academic Scholarship Examination. Candidates who do especially well in the exams are invited for an Academic Scholarship Day. No separate application is needed, since all top-performing Senior School Entrance Examination candidates are automatically considered for this scholarship.


The school also provides Music Scholarships, Sports Scholarships and All-Rounder Scholarships. For more information about scholarships, please visit the school’s website.


Bursaries are awarded to supplement a scholarship, or they can be means-tested and allocated on the basis of an independent parental means test, which takes into account savings, investments and realisable assets as well as income. An independent company, Bursary Administration Limited (BAL), will reach out to arrange a home visit in order to provide the school with a report.


For more information about the bursaries, please visit the school’s website or address the Admissions team. 


Hereford Cathedral School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Format


Hereford Cathedral School’s 11+ examinations consist of the following papers:


  • Maths (50 mins, no calculators)
  • English (60 mins)
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning


The English paper aims to evaluate your child’s reading, comprehension, inference and writing skills. The maths paper is based upon work from the Core Key Stage 2 curriculum and is designed to examine your child’s skills in problem-solving and arithmetic. 


The Non-Verbal Reasoning paper is designed to measure their ability to understand, interpret, problem-solve using visual reasoning, testing logic and intelligence rather than knowledge.


Please see below for further details and recommendations on how to prepare for the Hereford Cathedral School 11+ exam.


How to Prepare for the Hereford Cathedral School 11 Plus (11+) Exam


Consisting of thoroughly researched and up to date questions, our practice tests successfully reflect the actual 11+ exam. They offer a methodical approach towards 11+ exam preparation which can help you identify the strong and weak areas in your child’s knowledge base. 


Aside from identifying potential weaknesses, our practice papers will help you recognise your child’s strengths, and thus you will be able to adjust their study schedule accordingly. The preparation process should become a little less demanding with a carefully thought-out revision plan that focuses on studying ‘little and often’.


Whilst age-appropriate, our practice tests are challenging, and are successfully used by tens of thousands of students every year.


Practical and convenient, they are available for immediate download, print and use after purchase. Please see below our recommended packs to help you prepare your child for the Hereford Cathedral School 11 plus entrance examinations.


Hereford Cathedral School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Practice Papers


Recommendations for each part of the Hereford Cathedral School 11+ exam can be found below:




We strongly suggest the following packs for successful preparation for the Hereford Cathedral School’s 11+ English paper. They will help your child further develop their reading, comprehension and writing skills, including spelling, vocabulary and inference:




11+ English Pack 1


11+ English Pack 2


11+ English Pack 3


11+ English Pack 4


11+ English Pack 5


11+ Inference Skills


11+ Complete Comprehension Guide


11+ Reading Workbook




11+ Complete Writing Guide


11+ Writing Prompts


11+ Spelling Pack 1


11+ Spelling Pack 2




We highly recommend the use of the following packs to help develop your child’s problem-solving skills within the examination context of the Hereford Cathedral School’s 11+ maths test:


11+ Mathematics Pack 1


11+ Mathematics Pack 2


11+ Mathematics Pack 3


11+ Mathematics Pack 4


11+ Problem Solving


11+ Mental Arithmetic


Non-Verbal Reasoning


To further develop your child’s Reasoning abilities ahead of the Hereford Cathedral School 11+ entrance examination, we suggest that you make use of the following packs of practice tests that cover all of the key question types:


 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 1


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 2


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 3


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 4




11+ Interviews – The Complete Guide



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Hereford Cathedral School 11+ exam past papers. The information provided about Hereford Cathedral School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.




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