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Who said that physics revision had to be boring? At Exam Papers Plus, we believe that a little fun enhances the learning experience. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favourite GCSE physics revision games to help keep you motivated when studying gets tough. These games only need minimal equipment and contain a mix of solo and group activities.


GCSE Physics Group Quiz


This is a great revision game to play with your classmates. All you need is physics practice tests, sheets of paper and pens. The first step is to assign a quiz master who will be responsible for choosing the questions. To keep each quiz short, you may want to choose five questions to begin with.


As each question is read, the players need to answer under test conditions. Once all questions have been asked, everyone needs to swap answer sheets to mark one another’s answers. The winner is the student with the most points.


Physics Snakes and Ladders


If you like board games, you’ll love this creative physics revision game. Ideally, this activity should be played with 3 or more players. You’ll need a Snakes and Ladders board, sheets of paper and practice physics questions. The first player has to close their eyes and choose a question from the practice test by pointing to a random point on the page. The closest question to their finger is the one they have to answer.


Their answer is then marked by another player. The number of points awarded corresponds with the number of squares they can move on the board. The winner is the player who reaches the end of the board first.


Beat the Clock


Photo of an hourglass


This simple game is great for improving your time management skills and getting you used to answering questions under pressure. You can play this game on your own or with a group of students. Using a stopwatch, give yourself a time limit to answer each question in your practice test. Higher mark questions will require around 3 minutes, whereas shorter, multiple choice questions will need around 1 minute.


The more you play this game, the quicker you’ll become at answering questions quickly, which can provide you with a confidence boost leading up to the exam.


GCSE Physics Crossword


This game is best played with two people. You’ll need GCSE physics practice tests, revision notes and a crossword puzzle template. You can create crossword puzzles from scratch using this website. Using a combination of the tests and your revision notes, each player has to create a crossword for the other person to complete. The questions should ideally be closed short answer questions where a one-word answer can be given.


Each player needs to compile their questions into clues for the other player and allow enough spaces on the crossword grid for the answer. To begin with, you may want to start with four questions each until you get the hang of creating the puzzles.


The winner is the one who manages to find the most answers in the puzzle.


Pick a Card


Photo of coloured cards


For this physics revision game, you’ll need some A5 card, pens and practice test papers. This activity is best played with two or more people. On each card, write down one of the eight GCSE physics topics that’s covered in the syllabus. As a reminder, the topics are:


  1. Energy
  2. Electricity
  3. Particle model of matter
  4. Atomic structure
  5. Forces
  6. Waves
  7. Magnetism and electromagnetism
  8. Space physics


With one topic written on each card, give them a shuffle. Fan them out and ask the other player to choose one from the deck. Whatever topic is written on the card they choose, they need to answer a corresponding question in the practice test. The winner is the player with the most points once all eight cards have been chosen.


GCSE Physics Revision Packs


Practice tests should be at the centre of everyone’s physics revision. Not only do they help you put theory into practice, they can help you become familiar with the different question types in the exam.


At Exam Papers Plus, we publish GCSE physics revision packs that cover all eight topics in the syllabus. They’re designed to give students a confidence boost in the lead up to the tests.


As part of the process of creating our GCSE packs, we thoroughly analysed examiners’ reports from previous years to ensure that we covered all the essential elements of the physics exam. Our physics packs also include some of the most challenging questions that you’re likely to come up against in the exam, so you’ll be prepared for every eventuality.


When taken under timed conditions, our packs can help you get used to answering questions quickly and under pressure, thus improving your time management skills.


All of our GCSE packs are written and developed by former GCSE physics examiners and markers. They focus on the key skills that you’ll need to do well in higher tier GCSE exams.


We’d highly recommend the following resources to help with your GCSE physics revision:


GCSE Physics: Key Skills


All of our packs are available immediately after download.


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