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With plenty of SATs help available, it’s important to pick the right approach for your child if they are going to perform at their best in the tests. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together this round-up of some of the best places to find help when it comes to primary school SATs.


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We created our blog to be an invaluable source of information and advice for parents with children currently studying for primary school tests. We have written a selection of SATs-related articles that cover everything from what SATs are through to how to support your child during their SATs preparation.


On the blog, you’ll find practical, easy-to-follow advice that will make your life – not to mention your child’s – much easier when it comes to preparing for SATs. We think it’s important to be open and honest about what your child will face in their exam.


If your child is due to sit their SATs, make their revision easier and follow our Parents’ Guide to Key Stage 2 SATs. With our help, you can successfully prepare your child for the tests and help them achieve the results they deserve.


Private SATs Tutors


tutoring for the SATs


If your child needs additional help preparing for SATs, a specialist private tutor can help them prepare for the English and Maths sections at both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 national assessment. Choosing a suitable tutor for your child can take a lot of research, but initially you should consider the following:


  • Check their qualifications – Although the UK does not have a recognised tutoring qualification, it’s important to check how qualified a tutor is ahead of booking. Most good private tutors will be educated to at least degree level and have experience of working with young people.


  • Always get references – Good quality, experienced SATs tutors will be happy to provide you with references from previous students and their parents. You should also ensure that the tutor has an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate.


  • Are they a good ‘fit’? – Most tutors offer an initial consultation, either for free or at a reduced rate, which will give you a chance to learn more about their tutoring style and approach to SATs revision. If your child is going to follow a tutor’s schedule in the lead-up to their SATs, parents must see potential for a positive, rewarding relationship between the two parties. If you don’t think it’s a good fit, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.


Practice Exam Papers




Practice SATs papers can be a huge help when revising for the tests. The more practice papers your child sits, the better prepared they will be for the actual exam. There are a number of benefits to using practice SATs papers, which include:


  • Identifying gaps in knowledge
  • Improving time management
  • Recognising SATs question types
  • Tracking progress


Our practice exam papers for the SATs are designed to be challenging and engaging, to help maintain your child’s interest whilst revising. They cover every subject tested in the exam and are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are current and in the style of the new SATs examinations.


Online Forums


If this is your first time experiencing SATs, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of information online – some of it useful, some not so much. Getting reliable SATs help online can be tricky, as forum users can offer misguided opinions or even incorrect information, rather than facts.


However, some online forums can help when it comes to preparing for the SATs. If you have a question about the tests, the chances are that at some point, someone like you will have asked the same question. It’s just a case of searching!


Both Netmums and Mumsnet are useful sources of SATs information for parents, and their community pages tend to get busier in the build-up to the exams. If you have a specific question about preparing for the tests, use these forums and you’ll often find fellow users are more than happy to give you help with an answer.


For more information about SATs, take a look at our post, SATs Advice for Parents.



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