Dartford Grammar School for Girls 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information

Established in 1904, Dartford Grammar School for Girls admits girls aged 11-18. Previously known as Dartford County, approximately 1,000 students currently attend this Kent-based school.


A grant-maintained school, in 2008 Dartford was reaccredited as a science specialist school. It is a high-performing grammar and is one of Dartford’s top performing state schools.



11 Plus Exam Information for Dartford Grammar School for Girls



Address: Dartford Grammar School for Girls, Shepherds Lane, Dartford DA1 2NT

County: Kent

Admissions Info: school@dartfordgrammargirls.kent.sch.uk, 01322 223123

School Type: Girls’ Grammar

Number of pupils: 1,064 (approx.)

Number of Places in Year 7: Approximately 180

Open Day Date: June

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: Kent 11 Plus Exam (GL)



Dartford Grammar School for Girls 11 Plus Admissions



To be considered for a Year 7 place at Dartford Grammar School for Girls, pupils must sit the Kent 11 Plus Test. The test exists to assess whether grammar school is a suitable option for your child.


With 180 Year 7 places available, Dartford Grammar School for Girls is often over-subscribed. In such cases the school uses the following oversubscription criteria, giving priority to:

  • Children in Local Authority Care
  • Pupils who are eligible for free school meals
  • Students who already have a sibling at the school
  • Students who live closest to the school (100 places allocated here)


The parents of students who are not awarded a Grammar School place can appeal the decision in front of an Independent Appeals Panel.



How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to Dartford Grammar School for Girls



In order to apply for Year 7 entry to the school, parents need to register their child online with the Kent Local Authority (LA), or request a paper registration form by contacting the Secondary Admissions Team at Kent LA.


Test results will be posted out in mid-October and parents can also view the results online. For more information about Dartford Grammar School for Girls’ registration process at the 11 Plus stage, email school@dartfordgrammargirls.kent.sch.uk or call 01322 223123.



Dartford Grammar School for Girls 11 Plus Exam Format



Along with the majority of Kent-based selective schools, Dartford Grammar for Girls requires pupils to take the Kent 11 Plus exam, which consists of two multiple-choice tests with a separate answer sheet.


The first test is one hour long and is split into two sections, English and Maths. Each section consists of a 5-minute practice exercise and a 25-minute test.


The second test is a reasoning paper and is split into three sections:


The Verbal Reasoning section is 30 minutes long, including a 10 minute practice section. The Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning tests are each around 15 minutes long, including practice sections.


Prospective pupils are also required to sit a 40-minute writing task. Although this isn’t marked as part of the 11+ exam, it could be used in appeal cases, borderline cases or at a Headteacher’s request.


You can see some sample questions for the Kent 11 Plus Exam here.



How to Prepare for the Dartford Grammar School for Girls 11 Plus Exam?



The Kent Test varies from year to year, but children are still able to maximise their potential in the exam through good preparation. When to begin preparation will depend on your child’s current attainment, but with a set revision plan, all children will benefit from regular practice sessions.


For the Dartford Grammar School for Girls 11+ test, a good place to start is with practice exam papers. This not only gives pupils an idea of the types of questions they can expect in the real exam, but can provide parents with a good indication of their child’s current abilities.


Gaining a Year 7 place at a Kent-based school isn’t always easy. We have designed two practice tests specifically for the Kent Test:



Once your child has completed these, you might notice gaps in their knowledge, or that they aren’t as strong in a particular subject area. If this the case, you can choose the most appropriate subject-specific resource pack to help strengthen their individual subject knowledge:


11 Plus English Pack 1 (GL)

11 Plus English Pack 2 (GL)

11 Plus English Pack 3 (GL)

11 Plus English Pack 4 (GL)

Technical English skills:

11 Plus Spelling Pack 3

11 Plus Punctuation

11 Plus Sentence Completion


11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Pack 1 (GL)

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Pack 2 (GL)

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Pack 3 (GL)

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Pack 4 (GL)


11 Plus Maths Grammar Schools Pack 1 (GL)

11 Plus Maths Grammar Schools Pack 2 (GL)

11 Plus Maths Grammar Schools Pack 3 (GL)

11 Plus Maths: Problem Solving Grammar Schools (GL)


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning: Pack 1 (GL)


The information provided about Dartford Grammar School for Girls was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.

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