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Cranford House School is an independent, co-educational day school in Moulsford, a village in South Oxfordshire near Wallingford. Founded in 1931, it was rated ‘Excellent’ in every category in its most recent ISI Inspection.


In Year 7, pupils take lessons in English, mathematics, science, MFL, geography, computing, DT, music, PE, history, religious studies and drama. The numerous clubs and activities are central to the extra-curricular programme, ranging from Cricket Club, Martial Arts and Senior Book Club, to Equestrian Club, Chess Club and Debating Society.


Within the school’s welcoming and nurturing community, firmly based on traditional values, each pupil’s natural potential is maximised. As they progress through the curriculum, pupils at Cranford House School grow in confidence, intellectual curiosity and resilience, successfully approaching the next stage of their learning journey.


Cranford House School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information


Address: Willow Court Lane Moulsford Oxfordshire OX10 9HT

County: Oxfordshire

Admissions info: or 01491 651218

School Type: Independent co-educational day school 

Open day: April

11+ Exam Date: November of Year 6

11+ Exam Type / Board: Computer-based test (similar to CEM Select)


Open Events for Cranford House School 11 Plus (11+) Entry


The school holds an Open Week in the Summer Term. Guided tours will be available throughout the week, whilst classrooms are open and lessons are in session. Personal tours of the school can also be arranged. Click here for more details.


Cranford House School 11 Plus (11+) Admissions


You can register for entry to Year 7 by completing the form available on the school’s website, and paying a non-returnable registration fee of £75. The admissions process begins with a series of Senior Experience Days in the Summer Term of Year 5 and Autumn Term of Year 6. These provide your child with the opportunity to experience life at Cranford House. Please contact the Admissions Team to book your child’s place.


The second stage of the process includes a family interview with the Headmaster or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Prior to the interview, the Senior Entry Form, available on the school’s website, should be completed and returned to the school. Interviews take place in October.


Your child will then be eligible to attend the Assessment & Scholarship Day in November, during which they will undertake an online assessment and a group discussion activity.


A confidential current-school reference will also be requested.


Based on successful performance in all key stages of the admissions process, you may receive a formal offer of a place, together with copies of the terms and conditions, a medical form and an acceptance form. These must be returned with a deposit of £750 to secure your child’s place. 


Cranford House School 11 Plus (11+) Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarships are awarded in the following disciplines: Sport, Art, Music and Drama.


The school also awards means-tested Bursary support, following an assessment of financial circumstances, including capital assets, income, investments and savings. 


Bursaries are reviewed annually and may vary upwards or downwards, depending on your financial circumstances. For more details, please visit the school’s website.


Cranford House School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Format


The Cranford House School 11+ entrance examination consists of:


  • An online test examining skills in English, maths and Reasoning


The online test is likely to resemble CEM Select, which examines your child’s skills in Verbal Reasoning (English), Non-Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning (maths).


Please see below for further details and recommendations on how to prepare for the Cranford House School 11+ entrance examinations.


How to Prepare for the Cranford House School 11 Plus (11+) Exam


One of the best ways to prepare your child for the Cranford House School 11+ entrance exam is to make use of our up to date practice tests. By becoming familiar with the exam format and doing the tests under timed conditions, your child will significantly improve their skills ahead of the actual exam. 


With the help of our practice tests, you will be able to calm any potential nerves and stress from the preparation process through a carefully thought-out revision plan that focuses on studying ‘little and often’, and thus transform the entire preparation process into a more pleasant experience.


Such a methodical and structured approach towards preparation includes making a habit of responding to questions quickly and effectively, under time pressure.


Successfully used by tens of thousands of students every year, our practice tests are available for immediate download, print and use after purchase. Our recommendations to help your child prepare for the Cranford House School 11 plus entrance examination can be found below.


Cranford House School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Practice Papers


Recommendations for the Cranford House School 11 Plus exam can be found below:


Computer-based test


The following full practice and skill practice online tests are specifically designed to help your child familiarise themselves with the demands of the Cranford House School computer-based assessment:


Full Practice Tests


CEM Select Practice Test 1


CEM Select Practice Test 2


CEM Select Practice Test 3


CEM Select Practice Test 4


CEM Select Practice Test 5


Skill Practice


CEM Select – Missing Words



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11+ Interviews – The Complete Guide



Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Cranford House School 11+ past papers. The information provided about Cranford House School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.



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