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Cranbrook School, Kent, 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information 2024

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Founded in 1518, Cranbrook School is a co-educational grammar in Cranbrook, Kent. It caters for both day and boarding pupils and boasts a long list of notable alumni, including military officers, poets, journalists and university professors. [1]


Cranbrook is a small school that takes a personal approach to teaching, ensuring students can flourish within a curriculum that is well-rounded and broad. The main subjects encompass mathematics, science and English, while pupils can also develop their creative side with arts and humanities.


To prepare students for the adult world, the school is committed to instilling its students with the values of morality, spirituality, culture, discipline and empathy. It’s also invested in nurturing students’ capabilities in and out of the classroom setting. As such, it offers a robust extracurricular programme to help students reach their full potential and discover their hidden talents. 


Ranging from the Combined Cadet Force and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to orchestra and drama, extracurriculars inspire both enthusiasm and effort. Students also take part in various community initiatives and embark on language exchanges, boosting their social proficiency in line with Cranbrook’s lively ethos. [2]


Cranbrook School is where kindness, honesty, curiosity, ambition and individuality are valued above all else. The core values of treating everyone with respect and fairness are the cornerstones of the school’s educational philosophy. The Ofsted report recently rated the school as “Good”. [3]


Cranbrook School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information 2024


Address: Waterloo Road, Cranbrook, TN17 3JD

County: Kent

Admissions info:, 01580 711804

School type: Co-educational grammar

Number of places in Year 7: 90 (day places only)

Open Day date: In summer and autumn

Exam date: September 2024

Pass mark: Aim for 75%+ in our practice tests. See below for more details.

Exam type / Board: Kent 11 Plus (PESE) Test


Cranbrook School 11 Plus (11+) Admissions


Traditionally, Cranbrook’s main entry point for new students is Year 9, but it also accepts applications for day places at Year 7. To be considered for an 11+ place, pupils must sit the Kent PESE Test and achieve the required standard.


Prospective families are invited to attend one of the school’s open events to ask any questions they have about the admissions process. Cranbrook hosts open events throughout the academic year, allowing you and your child to take a tour of the school and meet staff and current pupils.


With a relatively small number of places available at Year 7, the school is often oversubscribed. In such instances, the following criteria are applied, giving priority to:


  • Children in (or previously in) Local Authority Care
  • Children within the priority area who are entitled to Pupil Premium
  • Children within the priority area who have proven social needs
  • Children who live within the priority area and have a sibling at the school
  • Children whose parents are members of the school’s staff
  • Children who passed the Kent Test and live within the priority area
  • Children who passed the Kent Test and live outside of the priority area.


For more information about Cranbrook’s 11+ admissions process, please visit the school’s website. You can view the school’s exact location on the map below:



How to Apply for 11 Plus (11+) Entry to Cranbrook School


Cranbrook School adheres to the coordinated admission scheme from Kent County Council, the Local Authority (LA). As the school uses the Kent Test as a means of selection in Year 7, parents must register online with the LA in the first instance.


Parents of prospective students are also required to complete the Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF), stating Cranbrook as their child’s preferred school, and submit it to the LA. Eleven plus results will be communicated in October, with offers sent out in March.


Does Cranbrook School belong to a Consortium?


Cranbrook School belongs to the Kent 11+ Consortium, a group of schools that use the same entrance exam format and share a very similar admissions process.


information about the Kent 11 Plus PESE Exam format


Does Cranbrook School have a catchment area?


Yes, Cranbrook School has a catchment area with priority based on location and distance from the school. This area includes the civil parishes of Cranbrook, Sissinghurst, Goudhurst, Staplehurst, Frittenden, Benenden, Sandhurst and Hawkhurst, as defined by civil parish boundaries, followed by other properties within 8.5 kilometres (5.28 miles) of the school by a straight line. 


Cranbrook School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Format


Cranbrook School requires pupils to sit the Kent 11 Plus exam. The Kent Test consists of two multiple-choice tests:


  1. An hour-long exam that is divided into two sections that cover English and maths. Each section consists of a 5-minute practice exercise and a 25-minute test.
  2. A 60-minute test that focuses on reasoning. It is divided into three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning.


Pupils must also complete a 40-minute writing task. However, this does not form part of the final 11 Plus result but can be used in any borderline or appeal cases.


How to Prepare for the Cranbrook School 11 Plus (11+) Exam?


Cranbrook School is a competitive grammar and its exam can be challenging. To give your child the best chance of securing one of the coveted spots at Cranbrook, it is highly recommended that you make use of our practice tests.


The Kent Test demands a comprehensive understanding of various subjects and utilising practice papers can be a valuable tool for improvement before the actual exam. Not only can they help you identify any weaker areas that require additional work, but they can also assist in devising a specific study schedule for your child.


With a structured approach towards 11+ exam preparation, you will be able to remove unnecessary stress from the preparation process, making it overall a more pleasant experience. Our recommendations to help your child prepare for the Kent Test can be found further below.


Cranbrook School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Pass Marks and Target Scores


Following the exam, your child will receive three standardised scores, one for English, one for Mathematics, and one total score including Reasoning. In order to pass the exam, your child’s standardised score must be over 109 and their total score must be 332 or more. [1]


Based on historical data, we have found that students who are able to score 75%+ consistently in our 11+ Kent practice tests are on track to pass the Cranbrook School Test.


Whilst there are no guarantees, this has historically been a fairly strong indicator that your child should do well in the Cranbrook School 11+ exam. Please click here to learn more.


Cranbrook School 11 Plus (11+) Practice Exam Papers


Students who are registered to take the Cranbrook School entrance test will benefit from these practice resources:


Pre-11+ Practice Tests


➢ The Kent Pre-11+ Practice Tests are designed for Year 4 and 5 students to introduce the exam format and boost their confidence. These tests are less challenging than the Kent 11+ Exam. They offer an accurate yet more straightforward representation of the actual exam, allowing students to familiarise themselves with exam specifics. This approach provides a solid foundation for students to progress to more challenging 11+ Practice Tests.



✅ You can now purchase a bundle of all of our Kent Pre-11+ Practice Tests at a large discount. Click the button below to learn more:





Kent – Full Practice Tests


➢ The following practice tests are specifically designed to help your child prepare for the Kent Test. They provide excellent mock exam preparation, highlighting your child’s strengths and weaknesses:


11+ Kent Practice Test 1

11+ Kent Practice Test 2

11+ Kent Practice Test 3

11+ Kent Practice Test 4

11+ Kent Practice Test 5

11+ Kent Practice Test 6

11+ Kent Practice Test 7

11+ Kent Practice Test 8

11+ Kent Practice Test 9

11+ Kent Practice Test 10


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11+ Kent Tests 1-10 Bundle - Save 20%


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11+ Kent Tests 1-5 Bundle - Save 15%


11+ Kent Tests 6-10 Bundle - Save 15%


Kent – Subject specific practice


➢ The following 11+ resources provide full preparation for the English section of the Kent Test, maximising your child’s comprehension and writing skills:



Full Practice Tests

11+ English – Pack 1

11+ English – Pack 2

11+ English – Pack 3

11+ English – Pack 4

11+ English – Pack 5

Skill specific practice

11+ Spelling – Pack 3

11+ Punctuation

11+ Sentence Completion

11+ Comprehension – Pack 1

11+ Comprehension – Pack 2

11+ Inference Skills – Pack 1

11+ Inference Skills – Pack 2


11+ English (GL) Masterclass


11+ Complete Writing Guide

11+ Writing Prompts

11+ Rewrite & Improve

11+ Spelling – Pack 1

11+ Spelling – Pack 2


If you’d like to have your child’s writing assessed and marked, you may be interested in our Writing Marking Service. Please click here to learn more.


✅ You can now purchase a bundle of all of our recommended resources for the English section of the Kent 11+ Exam at a large discount. Click the button below to learn more:


11+ Kent English Bundle


➢ The following 11+ resources extensively cover the Mathematics section of the Kent Test, allowing your child to thoroughly prepare for exam day:



Full Practice Tests

11+ Maths – Pack 1

11+ Maths – Pack 2

11+ Maths – Pack 3

11+ Maths – Pack 4

Skill Specific Practice

11+ Algebra

11+ Angles & Degrees


11+ Estimation & Place Value

11+ Factors & Multiples

11+ Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

11+ Measurements

11+ Money

11+ Operations

11+ Perimeter, Area & Volume

11+ Position & Direction

11+ Probability

11+ Problem Solving – Pack 1

11+ Problem Solving – Pack 2

11+ Properties of Shapes

11+ Ratio & Proportion

11+ Reflection, Rotation & Symmetry

11+ Sequences

11+ Special Numbers

11+ Speed, Distance & Time

11+ Statistics


11+ Maths (GL) Masterclass


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11+ Kent Mathematics Bundle


➢ In order for your child to master Verbal Reasoning skills in the lead-up to the Kent Test, we recommend the following resources:


Verbal Reasoning

Full Practice Tests

11+ Verbal Reasoning – Pack 1

11+ Verbal Reasoning – Pack 2

11+ Verbal Reasoning – Pack 3

11+ Verbal Reasoning – Pack 4

Skill Specific Practice

11+ Anagrams

11+ Analogies

11+ Codes

11+ Compound Words

11+ Embedded Words

11+ Form a Word

11+ Insert a Letter

11+ Letter Analogies

11+ Letter Calculations

11+ Letter Codes

11+ Letter Sequences

11+ Move a Letter

11+ Number Analogies

11+ Number Calculations

11+ Number Sequences

11+ Related Words

11+ Rhyming Synonyms

11+ Shuffled Sentences

11+ Synonyms

11+ Word Completion

11+ Word Match

11+ Word Opposites

11+ Word Pairs

11+ Word Puzzles

11+ Word Relationships


11+ Verbal Reasoning Masterclass


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11+ Kent Verbal Reasoning Bundle


➢ The following resources will help boost your child’s Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning abilities ahead of the Kent Test:


Non-Verbal Reasoning

Full Practice Tests

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning – Pack 1

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning – Pack 2

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning – Pack 3

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning – Pack 4

Skill Specific Practice

11+ Analogies

11+ Classes Like

11+ Classes Unlike

11+ Extended Series

11+ Figure Classification

11+ Figure Matrices

11+ Horizontal Codes

11+ Series

11+ Triangle Matrices

11+ Triangle Series

11+ Star Matrices

11+ Vertical Codes


11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Masterclass


Spatial Reasoning

Full Practice Tests

11+ Spatial Reasoning – Pack 1

Skill Specific Practice

11+ Block Counting

11+ Combining Shapes

11+ Fold & Punch

11+ Folding Cubes

11+ Hidden Shapes

11+ Shape Completion

11+ Spinning Shapes

11+ Rotation


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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Cranbrook School 11+ past papers. The information provided about Cranbrook School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.

Frequently Asked Questions About 11+ Entry to Cranbrook School, Kent


How old is Cranbrook School, Kent?


Cranbrook School was founded in 1518 and given its royal charter by Elizabeth I in 1574.


Is Cranbrook School, Kent, an academy?


Cranbrook School converted to academy status in 2011.


When are the Cranbrook School, Kent, Open Days held?


Cranbrook School typically hosts Open Days in the Summer and Autumn terms, welcoming prospective families on campus for a lively event packed with activities.


What are the admissions criteria for Cranbrook School, Kent?


Cranbrook School assesses prospective pupils through the standardised Kent Test (PESE), also used by other schools in the Kent Grammar School Consortium. The assessment covers English, Mathematics and Reasoning (Verbal, Non-Verbal and Spatial).


How do I register my child for the Cranbrook School, Kent, 11+ test?


Parents applying to Cranbrook School must register their child for the 11+ exam using an online portal, which can be accessed through the Kent County Council website. Residents of Kent also need to state Cranbrook School as their preferred secondary school on the Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF).


Can I apply for 11+ entry to a Kent school other than Cranbrook School?


Yes, you can apply for entry to up to four Kent grammar schools by naming them as preferences on the Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF).


What’s the format of the Cranbrook School, Kent, 11+ Exam?


All 11+ applicants for entry to Cranbrook School will be asked to sit the Kent (PESE) Test which tests English comprehension, Reasoning abilities and Mathematics. There will also be a creative writing paper, which isn’t marked for the purposes of the 11 Plus exam but may be used as evidence for borderline cases.


Is there Non-Verbal Reasoning in the Cranbrook School, Kent, 11+ Exam?


Yes, the Cranbrook School 11+ entrance exam does test Non-Verbal Reasoning, combining it with Spatial Reasoning questions.


Is there any way to prepare for the Cranbrook School, Kent, 11+ entrance examination?


One of the best ways to prepare for a challenging entrance exam, such as the Kent Test, is to use practice tests. They will provide your child with the opportunity to become familiar with the format and question types that they will encounter in the actual exam. Our practice papers are used successfully every year by hundreds of thousands of students targeting schools with a competitive entrance exam.


Which are the best preparation materials for the Cranbrook School, Kent, 11+ entrance examination?


We recommend beginning with a few full practice tests, such as this one. These will act as diagnostics so you can quickly work out which areas your child needs to focus on. You can then select the relevant topic based material listed above to target weaker areas. Please get in touch if you need advice on how to prepare or what to focus on for each section and stage of the exam.


Where can I find the best 11+ Cranbrook School, Kent, mock test?


Our 11+ Kent Practice Tests replicate the format and style of the actual exam, effectively preparing students for success in this competitive assessment. Each practice test is designed to mimic the full examination experience, covering relevant Maths, English and Reasoning question types. More details are available on this page.


What is the pass mark for the Cranbrook School, Kent, 11+ Exam?


Historical data shows that most schools in the area do not admit applicants who have a standardised score of less than 109 and a total score of less than 332. Exam results from previous years suggest this correlates with a score of roughly 75%+ in our 11+ practice tests.

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