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Founded in 1986, Burntwood School is a girls’ secondary school in Wandsworth, London. Although principally an all-girls’ school, the sixth form does have some male students. Refurbishments to the school were completed in 2014, which saw six new buildings, including teaching pavilions, a new sports hall and performing arts buildings. In 2013, the school gained Academy status and in 2015, it won the RIBA Stirling Prize for architecture.


For an insight into what it’s like to study at Burntwood School, take a look at this short video:



Wandsworth Test Information for Burntwood School


Registration Closing Date: September (year before entry)

Common Application Form (CAF) Closing Date: October

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: GL Assessment

Results Date: October

Allocations Date: March

Appeals Hearings: June, July

Admissions Info: admissions@wandsworth.gov.uk, 020 8871 7316


How to Register for the Burntwood School Year 6 Test


Before applying for a place at Burntwood School, parents and students are encouraged to attend an Open Morning. The event provides attendees with the opportunity to view the campus and facilities and to meet current students and staff members. There will also be a guided tour of the school and a presentation from the school Principal. For more information on the open day events, parents can contact the school on 020 8946 6201 or by email at info@burntwoodschool.com.


Applications to Burntwood are made on the Secondary Transfer application form for the borough in which the student lives. Burntwood School should be listed as one of the student’s preferences. For example, students in Wandsworth should apply using the Wandsworth form, and those that live in another borough like Merton, should apply using the Merton form.


Additionally, parents need to complete a Common Application Form for the local authority in which they live. The CAF can be completed online, here. Late applications will be accepted but will only be considered after the initial offer date.


For more information on choosing a secondary school in Wandsworth, the local authority has a very useful booklet full of information about the admissions process for each school.


Burntwood School Year 6 Oversubscription Criteria


In cases where there are more applicants than available places at Burntwood, the school uses its oversubscription criteria to determine priority.


In the first instance, places are offered to students with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan. Remaining places are then allocated as follows:


78 places are allocated by general ability to students with the highest results in the Wandsworth Year 6 Test. The remaining 35 places are allocated in the following order:


  1. Looked After, or previously Looked-After children.
  2. Students with exceptional medical or social needs.
  3. Students who have a sibling that currently attends the school.
  4. Students who live closest to the school.


Burntwood School, Year 6 Test, 11 Plus Exam Format


Burntwood School uses the Wandsworth Year 6 Test as part of its admissions process. The test is designed to provide the school with an indication of each applicant’s academic ability. The test is prepared by the exam board GL Assessment and includes a non-verbal reasoning test (55 minutes long), and a verbal reasoning test (50 minutes long).


Before each test begins, students will be given a short practice section. There will also be a break between the two tests. Both papers are presented on a pre-printed answer sheet, in multiple-choice format.


Papers are marked electronically and are age-standardised. Test results are emailed to parents in October.


More information on the Wandsworth Year 6 Test is provided on the local authority website.


Practice Exam Papers for the Burntwood School Year 6 Test


At Exam Papers Plus, we specialise in producing resources that help students prepare for competitive entry exams, like the Burntwood School Wandsworth Year 6 11 plusTest. Our papers are specifically designed to help students become familiar with the layout of competitive entry tests and the types of verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions that are used in this GL Assessment exam.


The resources listed below will be particularly useful in improving the confidence of students who are preparing for the Burntwood Year 6 Test. They cover all the question types that are known to appear in the Wandsworth Test. Each practice test includes answers and should be taken under exam conditions.


Non-Verbal Reasoning

Full Practice Tests


Verbal Reasoning

Full Practice Tests

Skill Specific Practice



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The information provided about the Wandsworth Year 6 Test was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the schools directly if you are unsure of anything. Contact details are provided within individual school posts.

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