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Badminton School is an independent day and boarding school for girls in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. Consistently performing well in league tables, the school has been ranked third in the Financial Times top 1000 schools list. [1]


In the Junior School, the academic provision is broad and challenging, covering the following subject areas: maths, English, games & PE, music, Latin, MFL, art & DT, ICT and humanities. 


Girls’ core academic work is enriched with numerous after-class activities, such as Mandarin, Book Club and gardening.The school also boosts their physical development through a range of sporting opportunities, taking place in first class facilities, including Badminton’s very own 25m indoor pool.


The school strongly encourages service to the wider community, educating girls about their social responsibilities through fundraising activities for charities. Furthermore, Badminton invests in enhancing their environmental consciousness and teamwork skills via their Forest School programme for outdoor education.


Noted as a competitive school, Badminton’s notable alumni include the first female Prime Minister of India (Indira Gandhi) and a philosopher who also won the Booker Prize (Iris Murdoch). In line with its good reputation and rich tradition, the school provides excellent pastoral care which promotes respect and tolerance within the vibrant community of responsible and intellectually curious girls.


Badminton School 7 Plus (7+) Exam Information


Address: Westbury Road, Westbury-on-Trym, BS9 3BA

County: Bristol

Admissions info: or +44 (0) 117 905 5271

School Type: Independent, day and boarding school for girls

Open events: In The Spring Term

7+ Exam Date: In the Spring Term 


Open Events for Badminton School 7 Plus (7+) Entry


The Whole School Open Morning takes place in May. Reservations are made via an online form which can be found here. The event allows prospective families to learn more about the school’s academic and non-academic provision, as well as their admissions process.


To experience the atmosphere on campus first hand and meet other pupils, your daughter can attend Taster Days. Private visits can also be arranged. For more details, please reach out to the Admissions Team.


Badminton School 7 Plus (7+) Admissions


If, after the visit, you decide that Badminton is the right school for your daughter, you should complete the registration form to formally start the admissions process. Please note that registration includes a non-refundable registration fee – £50 for day girls and £150 for boarders.


Your daughter will then be invited to the school to sit assessments in the areas of Maths, English and Reasoning. Her social and interaction skills will also be assessed via observation. As part of the admissions process, the school will take into consideration the quality of the reports from her current school.


Badminton School 7 Plus (7+) Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarships and Bursaries are not available to 7+ applicants.


Badminton School 7 Plus (7+) Exam Format


The Badminton School 7 Plus (7+) exam consists of the following assessments:


  • English
  • Mathematics 
  • Reasoning (online test)


The English assessment examines comprehension and writing skills, including spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as the fluency of your child’s reading and her oral skills.    


The Maths exam assesses your child’s problem-solving abilities and arithmetic skills, including her knowledge of times tables.


The Verbal Reasoning section of the online reasoning test is designed to test and assess her logical thinking, use of English language and vocabulary.


The Non-Verbal Reasoning section of the online reasoning test measures her ability to understand, interpret and problem-solve, testing logic and intelligence rather than knowledge. 


Please see below for further details and recommendations on how to prepare for the Badminton School 7 Plus entrance examination.


How to Prepare for the Badminton School 7 Plus (7+) Entrance Assessment 


Our practice tests help students become familiar with the style and layout of the Badminton School 7+ exam, which can help boost their confidence in the lead up to the big day. They cover all the question types that could be asked in the entrance exam and can be used to identify any weaker areas that require additional work.


Once you devise a specific study schedule and a structured approach towards 7+ exam preparation, you will be able to remove unnecessary stress from the preparation process and make it more manageable for your child.


We highly recommend that students take our practice tests under timed conditions to get used to answering questions quickly and under time pressure.


The majority of our 7+ resources are accompanied by detailed step-by-step video tutorials for every question. These are available for free with all purchases. It’s like having a word-class tutor explain each question to your child at no extra cost!


Our practice tests are used successfully every year by tens of thousands of students targeting schools with a competitive entrance exam. They are age-appropriate, reflecting the demands of the actual exam.


Our recommendations to help your child prepare for the Badminton School 7 Plus entrance exam can be found below.


Badminton School 7 Plus (7+) Exam Practice Papers


If you are at the very beginning of your 7+ journey, you may wish to start with our range of 6+ resources. These cover the core skills your child needs to develop but at a slightly easier level.


Our 6+ range will help your child develop confidence and a strong foundation before they progress further with the 7+ material listed below.




We highly recommend the following packs to prepare successfully for the Badminton School 7 Plus English assessment. They will help improve your child’s comprehension and writing skills.


Full Practice Tests


7+ English Pack 1

7+ English Pack 2

7+ English Pack 3

7+ English Pack 4

7+ English Pack 5


Comprehension Skills


7+ English: Reading Workbook

7+ English: Inference Skills

7+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Comprehension


Writing Skills


7+ English: Writing

7+ English: Rewrite & Improve

7+ English: Punctuation

7+ English: Spelling

7+ English: Dictation


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Writing




We highly recommend the use of the following packs to help develop your child’s arithmetic and problem-solving skills within the examination context of the Badminton School 7 Plus maths test:


Full Practice Tests


7+ Mathematics Pack 1

7+ Mathematics Pack 2

7+ Mathematics Pack 3

7+ Mathematics Pack 4

7+ Mathematics Pack 5


Targeted Skill Development


7+ Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic

7+ Mathematics: Problem Solving


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Mathematics




The following packs will significantly boost your child’s Reasoning abilities ahead of the Badminton School 7 Plus online reasoning test:


Full Practice Tests


7+ Reasoning Pack 1 

7+ Reasoning Pack 2 

7+ Reasoning Pack 3 

7+ Reasoning Pack 4 

7+ Reasoning Pack 5 



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Our practice tests aim to show the sorts of questions that have been included in Badminton School 7+ past papers. The information provided about Badminton School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.

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