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Assumption Grammar School (AGS) was founded in 1933 by the Missionary Sisters of the Assumption and is the only Assumption school in Ireland. Located in County Down, AGS is an all-girls’ school that teaches over 800 pupils aged from 11 to 19 years.


In recent years, AGS has vastly improved its facilities and in 2012, a new school building was opened that hosts a library, drama studios and music rooms. Girls are divided into one of five houses when they join the school: Drogheda, Faughart, Iona, Knock or Saul.


For and insight into what life is like at Assumption Grammar School, take a look at the school’s promotional video:



Transfer Test Information for Assumption Grammar School


Address: Assumption Grammar School, 24 Belfast Road, Ballynahinch BT24 8EA

Admissions Info:, 0289 756 2250

School Type: Girls’ School

Number of pupils: 840 (approx.)

Number of Places in Year 8: 120 (approx.)

Open Day Date: January

Exam Date: November/December

Exam Board Type: GL Assessment


Assumption Grammar School Admissions


Assumption Grammar School is one of 34 schools that make up the Post Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC). This is an unregulated system that uses the same standardised entrance assessment to determine admission following the abolition of the previous eleven plus process.


To gain a place at Assumption Grammar School, students must sit the PPTC Transfer Test. All results from this test are banded and age standardised. Should there be more applicants than available places at AGS, the applies the following oversubscription criteria, giving priority to:


  • Girls who have a sibling (past or present) at the school or already accepted for the coming year
  • Girls who are the eldest or only girl in her family, or an applicant who is the first girl in her family to transfer to a grammar school
  • Pupils entitled to Free School Meals
  • Girls for whom Assumption Grammar School is the nearest Catholic Grammar School which caters for girls
  • Girls who are a daughter of a past pupil


For more details about the admissions process, or further clarification about the Assumption Grammar School oversubscription criteria, please contact the school directly via email or call 0289 756 2250.


How to Apply for Year 8 Entry to Assumption Grammar School


Every school within the PPTC uses the same entrance assessment for place allocation, so parents are only required to register their child once for the entrance test. The registration form can be downloaded from the PPTC website.


Before completing the form, Assumption Grammar School recommends that parents and prospective students attend its open day to ensure that the school can provide a suitable learning environment. At the event, parents and students can take a tour of the school, ask questions and speak to both staff and current pupils.


Assumption Grammar School Transfer Test Format


The Assumption Grammar School Transfer Test is set by GL Assessment. If you are unfamiliar with the 11 Plus exam boards, you can find out more about each one, here.


Children will sit two test papers in English and Maths. All questions are multiple-choice. Both subjects are taught in all Northern Ireland primary schools, and so the tests aim to reflect the knowledge and skills developed by children in the school curriculum.


English Paper


The English paper has 60 questions to be completed in 50 minutes. The paper has three reading passages, each of which is followed by a number of comprehension questions that make up 60% of the total mark. There are also a number of spelling and punctuation questions that make up the remaining 40% of the total mark.


Maths Paper


The maths paper has 45 questions to be completed in 45 minutes. The questions are based on the school’s curriculum but also include some additional questions on basic logic, mathematical facts, properties and/or geometric names. Children taking the test should have an understanding of mathematical concepts, and how maths is used in daily life situations.


Scores for both papers are age standardised and parents will receive the results via post in the following January.


PPTC provides thorough material about the test on their website. They also have a useful FAQs page about the transfer test.


How to Prepare for the Assumption Grammar School 11 plus (11+) Transfer Test?


At Exam Papers Plus, we recommend that parents create a study timetable with their child to make sure that they cover everything they’ll need to know for the test. A ‘little but often’ approach usually works best and ensures that they don’t become overwhelmed with the additional workload.


It’s worth investing a good portion of revision time to exam technique. By introducing practice exam papers early in a student’s revision, parents can identify their child’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust their study timetable accordingly.


Students currently preparing for the Assumption Grammar School 11+ Transfer Test will find the following practice papers especially useful:



Full Practice Tests

Skill specific practice




Full Practice Tests

Skill specific practice




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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Assumption Grammar School 11+ past papers. The information provided about Assumption Grammar School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.


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