Ashlawn School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information

Founded in 1985, Ashlawn School (formerly Dunsmore School) is a partially selective secondary school located in Rugby, Warwickshire. One of only 7 bilateral schools in the UK, Ashlawn specialises in Computing, Science and Leadership.


Ashlawn is one of very few schools to have been granted status as a National Teaching School. OFSTED rates the school as ‘outstanding’ and teachers from other schools often train at Ashlawn.


The school has approximately 1662 students and 90 full-time teaching staff. Recent additions to the school include a Sixth Form Centre and Teaching Studio, which was built thanks to a £2.6 million investment from the Education Funding Agency.


Ashlawn has a reputation for producing consistently good exam results and in January 2016, the school was named one of the best state schools based on GCSE and A Level results by Tatler Magazine.


For an insight into what it’s like in Year 7 at Ashlawn School, take a look at this video made by the students:



11 Plus Exam Information for Ashlawn School


Address: Ashlawn School, Ashlawn Road, Hillmorton, Rugby, CV22 5ET

County: Warwickshire

Admissions Info: info@ashlawn.org.uk, 01788 573425

School Type: Mixed grammar

Number of pupils: 1,662 (approx.)

Number of Places in Year 7: 90 selective places

Open Day Date: June/July

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: CEM 11 Plus (University of Durham)


Ashlawn School 11 Plus Admissions


Admissions to Ashlawn school are handled by the Academy Trust, who admit students in consultation with Warwickshire Local Authority. To be eligible to apply for a place at Ashlawn, parents are required to register their child by returning the 11 Plus Registration Form and naming the school on the Common Application Form.


Admissions are based on student performance in the two test papers as set by the University of Durham (CEM). Automatic qualifying scores are set and used by the Committee of Reference, based on exam performance that year. Students who achieve the qualifying score will receive an offer to their first-priority school, named on the CAF form.


How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to Ashlawn School


In order to apply for entry to Ashlawn school, parents need to register their child to sit the 11 Plus exam. Parents are required to nominate the school in the Common Application Form, which is provided by the Local Authority, or can be completed online.


The school also recommends that students apply through the non-selective route and register to take the MFL Aptitude Tests. Although the MFL doesn’t form part of the selective criteria, it is used as part of the school’s oversubscription criteria. Students are welcome to apply to the school through both selective and non-selective routes.


The CAF from needs to be returned to the child’s home authority.


Parents living in Warwickshire should register their child through Warwickshire Admissions, whereas those living in other areas need to register with their home authority.

Late applications are welcomed although they are de-prioritized over applications that were made in time.


Ashlawn School 11 Plus Exam Format


The Ashlawn 11 Plus exam consists of two papers, each lasting approximately 50 minutes, covering Verbal Reasoning, Numeracy and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The questions are a mix of multiple choice and standard format.


The verbal reasoning test also includes an English component, consisting of a comprehension section and a ‘cloze test’, which focuses on passages of prose.


The numeracy test focuses on mathematical patterns, mental arithmetic and problem solving.


How to Prepare for the Ashlawn School 11 Plus Exam?


As with any exam, it’s best to start revising early. At Exam Papers Plus, we’ve written a series of articles that focus on preparing for the 11 Plus test, some of which include:



Initially, we advise that students sit a couple of practice exam papers at home, so that you can see at what level they’re currently performing. Not only do practice papers help to identify strengths and weaknesses, but they can help your child get used to the exam layout.


As their studying progresses, you can re-introduce the practice tests to see how they’re improving. In the lead up to the exam, we recommend doing timed practice tests to get your child used to answering the questions under exam conditions.


The practice papers that we produce come complete with answers, enabling you to accurately measure your child’s performance and track their improvements. We have several 11 plus practice papers that can help your child prepare for entry to Ashlawn School.


We recommend the following resources:



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