Altrincham Grammar School for Girls 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information

Altrincham Grammar School for Girls was founded in 1910 as part of the 1902 Education act. An all-girls’ school, Altrincham is the largest of all the single-sex grammar schools in England, with approximately 1,250 students.


The school is one of the highest achieving grammars in the country, has academy status and is recognised as a language college. Students consistently achieve good exam results and, in recent years, the school has had a 100% GCSE pass rate.


For an insight into life at the school, check out this Leavers Video created by the students:


11 Plus Exam Information for Altrincham Grammar School for Girls


Address: Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Cavendish Road, Bowdon, Altrincham, WA14 2NL

County: Cheshire

Admissions Info: admissions@aggs.bfet.uk, 0161 912 5912

School Type: Girls’ School

Number of pupils: 1,258 (approx.)

Number of Places in Year 7: 175

Open Day Date: June

Exam Date: September

Exam Board Type: CEM 11 Plus (University of Durham)


Altrincham Grammar School 11 Plus Admissions


Altrincham Grammar School for Girls is responsible for its own admissions. Specific arrangements for the entrance exam will be posted on the school website from April. Most girls apply for Year 7 entry to the school although sometimes girls will be accepted in Year 6 prior to the entrance exam, on the condition that they achieve a qualifying score of 360 or above. Decisions on the year of entry are made by the school on an individual basis.


The admissions arrangements are announced in the local press every year, as are the exam dates and venues. The entrance exam is age-standardised, so that no student has an advantage based on their age.


How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to Altrincham Grammar School for Girls


In order to apply for a place at the school, parents need to register their daughters for the school’s entrance examination. A link to the registration form is made available on the school’s admissions page from April until June.


Further information about registration can be obtained from the Headteachers of all primary schools in the catchment area and an Open Evening is held for prospective parents over the summer.


The school encourages parents to contact the admissions department on 0161 912 5912 if they have any questions.


In addition to completing the registration form, parents also need to complete a Local Authority Common Preference Form. It’s important that Altrincham Grammar School for Girls is listed on the form in ranked order of preference. Late applications can be considered but only after all other applications have been ranked.


Upon receiving an offer, students also need to provide evidence of Date of Birth and residency.


Altringham Grammar School for Girls 11 Plus Exam Format


The 11 Plus exam at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls consists of two test papers covering:


  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning


Each paper lasts approximately one hour and contains a mix of multipl-choice and standard format questions. The papers aim to assess students’ levels of verbal, non-verbal and maths skills. There will be a short break between the two papers.


The results of the entrance exam are posted in October. In order for your daughter to gain a place at the school, she will need a qualifying score of 334.


How to Prepare for the Altrincham Grammar School for Girls 11 Plus Exam?


We’ve previously written an in-depth guide to studying for the 11 Plus exam, which covers all the essential information you’ll need for creating a revision plan. We’ve also published specific posts about the individual tests, including:



As with any type of exam preparation, it’s always best to start early. At Exam Papers Plus, we recommend using practice exam papers to obtain a general overview of your child’s current abilities and identify their strengths and weaknesses.


As their studying progresses, you can re-introduce the practice tests to see how they’re improving. In the lead up to the exam, we recommend doing timed practice tests, to get your child used to answering the questions under exam conditions.


The practice papers that we produce come complete with answers, enabling you to accurately measure your child’s performance and track their improvements. We have several eleven plus practice papers that can help your child prepare for entry to Altrincham Grammar School for Girls.


We recommend the following resources:



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