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King’s College School is an independent day school for boys aged 7-18 and girls aged 16-18. Founded in 1829 by royal charter, it is a school of over 1,300 pupils.


Boys at King’s College Junior School – often referred to KCJS – are inevitably bright, inquisitive and engaged. The school believes that happy boys do well and that they enjoy being at school. Teachers strive to plan stimulating lessons and encourage the boys to ask questions and think creatively.


Art, Design, Music, Drama, Sport, ICT and the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer are just as important as those subjects assessed through formal exams. A King’s boy will be given the opportunity to develop wide-ranging interests and strike a balance between work and leisure.


King’s College Junior School (KCJS) 9 Plus (9+) Exam Information


Entry Level Nine Plus (9+) exam

School Name: King’s College Junior School

Description: Boys; day school

Age range: 7-13

Size: 465 approx. About 6 boys are offered places at 9+ entry.

Fees: £5,530 – £6,125 per term

Address: Southside, Wimbledon Common, London, SW19 4TT

Website: www.kcs.org.uk/junior-school

Email: jsadmissions@kcs.org.uk

Admissions Telephone: +44 (0)20 8255 5336


King’s College Junior School 9 Plus (9+) Admissions


Applications: For the up to date application deadline to King’s, click here.


Open Days: A Junior School open morning (for entry points at 7+, 8+, 9+ and 10+) is usually held in the June of the year preceding entry. Everyone is welcome and booking is not necessary.


A general open morning (for junior school and senior school) is held each September. Once again, all are welcome and no booking is necessary.


The headmaster will show the school to small groups of prospective parents on a normal school morning. If you would like to join one of these small group tours, you should telephone the junior school office on 020 8255 5335 and they will be able to arrange a suitable appointment.


Parents of boys who are confirmed as candidates for the entrance assessments will also be invited, together with their son, to a candidates’ open morning/afternoon, which is just for their son’s age group.


For key dates, click here.


King’s College Junior School 9 Plus (9+) Exam Format


The 9 Plus (9+) entrance exam to King’s Junior School takes place in the January of the year of entry. It is a very small intake, with approx 6 places available.


The exams will consist of a listening test and papers in:


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Reasoning




The listening test (25 mins.) involves listening to and following a set of instructions. All children hear the same instructions, played over a loudspeaker system.




The English paper (50 mins.) consists of comprehension (Section A) and composition (Section B).


In the comprehension section, candidates will be expected to answer questions on a passage of fiction. Questions will ask pupils to recall information, draw inferences and evaluate a writer’s use of language.


In the composition exercise, pupils will be expected to write clearly, fluently and accurately based on a given task. They are usually given a choice of two options. Irrelevant answers or pre-learnt sentences will be penalised.




The maths paper (45 mins) is based on the Year 4 National Curriculum Syllabus, however there will be some extension questions to challenge able boys.


Here is a snapshot of some of the new harder areas tested at 9+:


  • Recognise negative numbers
  • Fractions and decimals: recognise equivalence between simple fractions and decimals. Order simple fractions. Find fractions of numbers and quantities. Place value for tenths and hundredths.
  • Metric system (inc. mass)
  • Area and perimeter of rectangles and other simple shapes
  • Solve simple problems involving ratio and proportion
  • Reflect a 2d shape in a mirror line
  • Recognise positions and directions and use co-ordinates




The reasoning test could comprise verbal or non-verbal questions or a combination of the two.


King’s College Junior School 9 Plus (9+) Exam Practice Papers




English practice papers, ideal for KCJS nine plus (9+) exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


9+ English Pack 1


Comprehension Skills


9+ Inference Skills

9+ Reading Workbook

9+ Vocabulary and Grammar


Writing Skills


9+ Writing Prompts

9+ Rewrite & Improve

9+ Spelling

9+ Punctuation




Maths practice papers, ideal for KCJS nine plus (9+) exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


9+ Maths Pack 1

9+ Maths Pack 2


Targeted Skill Development


9+ Mental Arithmetic

9+ Problem Solving


Verbal Reasoning


Verbal reasoning practice papers, ideal for KCJS nine plus (9+) exam preparation:


9+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 1




Listening practice test, ideal for KCJS nine plus (9+) exam preparation:


9+ Listening Test Pack 1



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Interviews: Candidates who do well in the examination process will be invited for interview.


Activity Morning: King’s College Junior School hold their activity afternoon and exams on the same day in January. This is good for children who are confident in social situations and enjoy working with others to problem solve.


King’s College Junior School 9 Plus (9+) Bursaries


King’s offers bursaries at all entry points, including nine plus. Not every school will offer financial support at such a young age as a child’s potential is still relatively unknown.


Bursaries are means-tested and full details of income and capital resources will be requested. Each application is assessed on its own individual merit. Bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the governors and managed by the head and bursar.


Bursaries are means-tested each year and may change as a family’s financial situation improves or deteriorates.


Other entry points for King’s College Junior School:


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