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This post was written by Katie Darrow*. With our help, Katie’s son, George, gained successful 8+ entry to a number of London’s top schools, including St. Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court), Westminster Under, Sussex House and Wetherby.


My son George sat the 7+ examination at a number of London schools last year. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the high level of competition and difficulty of the exams and George, who had no preparation from his state school, didn’t receive an offer from any of the prep schools we applied to.


I therefore got in touch with Faisal, the Director of Exam Papers Plus, as we felt George needed some extra guidance with the aim of sitting 8+ entrance tests to schools such as Colet Court (now known as St. Paul’s Juniors), Westminster Under and Sussex House this year.


Faisal had a transformational impact on George and I have been delighted with his teaching and consulting services. He has been completely reliable, thorough and well prepared. He arrived at each session primed with the appropriate materials and a clear lesson plan. Initially, he focused mainly on George’s English skills, as this was an area of particular weakness, but then moved on to cover Mathematics and Reasoning as well. He is clearly well aware of the exacting requirements of these examinations, having himself gained a scholarship to Colet Court and St. Paul’s, and he has been preparing George accordingly, pushing him beyond his comfort zone whilst maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere.


After each session, Faisal took the time to speak to me in detail, informing me of how the lesson progressed, explaining his ideas and methodology and pinpointing areas George needed to work on. He also provided clear written instructions and tips for improvement as well as relevant and targeted homework assignments.


With the end of term approaching, Faisal also offered to prepare a detailed study plan for the summer holidays. Furthermore, he provided me with valuable insights and information regarding the entry process to these schools and presented plenty of suggestions and solutions as to how best to prepare for the reasoning element, the interview stage and group exercises. As a parent with limited insight into these processes, this proved invaluable to me.


We made full use of the Exam Papers Plus 8+ exam papers. They helped George feel comfortable working in a time-pressured environment and gave him an understanding of the sorts of questions he would be asked in the actual exams. In fact, some of the exam questions were identical to those in the Exam Papers Plus packs!


George was offered a place at all four schools that we applied for in January: St. Paul’s Juniors, Sussex House, Wetherby and Westminster Under. He will be starting at St. Paul’s Juniors in September of this year and is absolutely delighted. His confidence in his own ability has skyrocketed.


I am eternally grateful to Faisal and Exam Papers Plus. By forming a plan of action and then implementing it with outstanding results, they relieved me of a great deal of stress and helped my child fulfill his potential. I cannot recommend the company highly enough.


Katie made use of the following resources to help George achieve success in his 8+ examinations:




8+ Mathematics Pack 1


8+ Mathematics Pack 2


8+ Mathematics Pack 3


8+ Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic


8+ Mathematics: Problem Solving





8+ English Pack 1


8+ English Pack 2


8+ English Pack 3


8+ English: Writing


8+ English: Spelling


8+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar


8+ English: Punctuation





8+ Reasoning Pack 1


8+ Reasoning Pack 2


8+ Reasoning Pack 3 (particularly useful for Westminster Under)



*Name changed 


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