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Wetherby Prep School is a highly regarded and successful London day school that sends boys to its own senior school and other leading day and boarding schools. It is popular, has an excellent exit school track record and places are highly sought after. It sends lots of boys to St Paul’s Juniors and Westminster Under at 11+ (and Wetherby Pre-Prep sends many to these schools at 7+ and 8+ too).


It places emphasis on the individual through developing “boys’ intellectual, physical, social and moral selves, preparing them for a wide range of senior schools and providing firm foundations for successful, balanced and accomplished adult lives.”


The school has a three-class intake of 60 at 8 plus (8+) in Year 4. But Wetherby Pre-Prep boys automatically feed into the school at Year 4, so this means that there aren’t in fact 60 external places.




Wetherby Preparatory School 8 Plus (8+) Exam Information


Entry Level 8 Plus (8+) exam

School Name Wetherby Preparatory School

Description Boys; day school

Age range 8-13

Fees £6,450 per term

Address Bryanston Square, London, W1H 2EA

Website http://www.wetherbyprep.co.uk/

Email (general enquiries) admin@wetherbyprep.co.uk

Telephone (general enquiries) 020 7535 3520


Wetherby Preparatory School 8 Plus (8+) Admissions


Applications: Boys can be registered for the 8 plus exam anytime up until the end of October of the year preceding entry.


Open Days: Set days are published on their website, but if you are unable to make any of those, individual visits can be arranged with the headmaster.


Wetherby Preparatory School 8 Plus (8+) Exam Format


In the September prior to entry, registered boys are invited to attend the January 8+ Assessment Day.


They are asked to take part in group-based activities and sit short tests in:


  • English
  • Maths


For example, this once included being asked to write a story entitled, ‘The busiest day of my life’.


Offers for entry into Year 4 are made a week later with the deadline for acceptances by the spring half term.


Wetherby Preparatory School 8 Plus (8+) Exam Practice Papers




8+ English practice papers, ideal for Wetherby Preparatory School 8 plus (8+) exam preparation:


8+ English Pack 1

8+ English Pack 2

8+ English Pack 3

8+ English Pack 4

8+ English Pack 5

8+ English: Writing

8+ English: Spelling

8+ English: Punctuation

8+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar

8+ English: Dictation

8+ English: Inference Skills

8+ English: Rewrite & Improve


The Complete Guide to 8+ Comprehension

The Complete Guide to 8+ Writing




8+ Maths practice papers, ideal for Wetherby Preparatory School 8 plus (8+) exam preparation:


8+ Mathematics Pack 1

8+ Mathematics Pack 2

8+ Mathematics Pack 3

8+ Mathematics Pack 4

8+ Mathematics Pack 5

8+ Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic

8+ Mathematics: Problem Solving




8+ Listening practice papers, ideal for Wetherby Preparatory School eight plus (8+) exam preparation:


8+ Listening Pack 1


Wetherby Preparatory School: Destination Schools


Wetherby Prep sends its boys to a range of schools at 11+ and 13+ including King’s, St Paul’s City, Eton and Westminster Under.

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