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An ‘old boy’ of MGS is High Master of Manchester Grammar School. He knows how much of an impact this school can have on the life of a young man.


Striving to give boys an all round education, opportunities to discover themselves outside of the classroom and curriculum, and to provide each boy with a ‘true sense of service to their communities’, this school inspires and shapes some of the brightest young men in the North of England.


The Junior school encourages inquisitiveness, problem solving and risk-taking. Specialist teaching and a strong partnership with the senior school comes into play most sharply in Years 5 and 6, ensuring a seamless progression. The Junior School’s confidence in its thorough assessment procedure means that automatic entry to the Senior School is given to any boy who has been taught in the Junior School.


Admissions are flexible. The school states that any boy who they believe will truly flourish at the school will be offered a place.



Manchester Grammar School 7 Plus (7+) Exam Information


School Name Manchester Grammar School – Junior School

Description Boys; day school

Age range 7-11

Fees  £3,990.00 per term

Address The Manchester Grammar School, Old Hall Lane, Manchester, M13 0XT

Website https://www.mgs.org/

Email (general enquiries) general@mgs.org

Telephone (general enquiries) 0161 224 7201

Email (admissions) k.heathcote@mgs.org

Telephone 0161 224 7201 Ext 234


Manchester Grammar School 7 Plus (7+) Admissions


MGS Junior School welcomes applications for entry to any of Years 3 (7+), 4 (8+), 5 (9+) or 6 (10+). However, if a boy is not offered a place in Years 3, 4 or 5, parents are asked to wait two years if they would like him to be re-assessed to allow for academic development and maturity.


Applications & Registration


The deadline for registration for MGS Junior School 7+ entry is in November – although there is some flexibility around this.


The school will continue to accept applications for fee-paying places after this date, but the number of assessment dates available with then be more limited. (There is no set assessment day).


Please click here for a link to MGS Junior School’s 7+ registration form. Registration fee: £40


As MGS admits boys on the basis of academic ability, they do not have formal quotas for any year group (other than them being full and not having the physical space to admit a boy!) Therefore late entry admissions are possible – although bursary assistance cannot be offered to late entry candidates.


For full up-to-date details of their late entry process we recommend that you contact the admissions department on k.heathcote@mgs.org or 0161 224 7201 ext 234


Open Days/Visits


There is currently no set open day, but personal visits are welcomed and encouraged. Please contact the admissions department to book.


Manchester Grammar School 7 Plus (7+) Exam Format


Boys are usually assessed in small groups of between eight and twelve. They are asked to take part in a range of activities and tasks to ascertain potential. They should be able to manipulate numbers, work with texts, think creatively, solve puzzles and interact in a group situation.


Assessment lessons include maths and a topic-based lesson. Short tests are then set to test the knowledge just learnt. Lesson content is purposefully based on areas boys will not have studied before, as the school is looking to identify potential rather than prior learning. This also puts all boys on an equal basis during the assessment. A creative writing task is also set.


Assessment days take place throughout the academic year, there is no set date. However, places fill up in each year group relatively quickly, so the school advises that applications are made in good time to give the best possible chance of gaining an offer.


Manchester Grammar School 7 Plus (7+) Exam Practice Papers


If you are at the very beginning of your 7+ journey, you may wish to start with our range of 6+ resources. These cover the core Maths and English skills your child needs to develop but at a slightly easier level.


Our 6+ range will help your child develop confidence and a strong foundation before they progress further with the 7+ material listed below.




7 plus English practice papers, ideal for MGS 7+ exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


7+ English Pack 1

7+ English Pack 2

7+ English Pack 3

7+ English Pack 4

7+ English Pack 5


Comprehension Skills


7+ English: Reading Workbook

7+ English: Inference Skills

7+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Comprehension


Writing Skills


7+ English: Writing

7+ English: Rewrite & Improve

7+ English: Punctuation

7+ English: Spelling

7+ English: Dictation


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Writing




7 plus maths practice papers, ideal for MGS 7+ exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


7+ Mathematics Pack 1

7+ Mathematics Pack 2

7+ Mathematics Pack 3

7+ Mathematics Pack 4

7+ Mathematics Pack 5


Targeted Skill Development


7+ Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic

7+ Mathematics: Problem Solving


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Mathematics




7 plus reasoning practice papers, ideal for MGS 7+ exam preparation:


Full Practice Tests


7+ Reasoning Pack 1

7+ Reasoning Pack 2

7+ Reasoning Pack 3

7+ Reasoning Pack 4

7+ Reasoning Pack 5




7 plus Listening practice papers, ideal for MGS 7+ exam preparation:


7+ Listening Pack 1



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Manchester Grammar School 7 Plus (7+) Bursaries and Scholarships


Bursary places are available for boys joining MGS Junior School in Years 3 and 4, (Year 7 and the Sixth Form).


Fee assistance is based on the total gross income of the household in which the pupil lives and is on a sliding scale. As a guide, for the 2016/17 academic year, parents with an assessable income in excess of £50,000 would not receive financial assistance, whilst those with income of £27,000 or less would receive full remission of fees.


Family incomes are reviewed annually and the value of a bursary adjusted accordingly.


Families wishing to apply for financial assistance should do so at the time of application. Late entry applications are not applicable for fee assistance and academic scholarships are not offered.


Destination Schools at 11+ : It is expected that every boy who attends MGS Junior School will be offered a place at the Senior School.


Other Entry Points: 11+, 13+ and 16+. Places at other ages arise, subject to availability – known as Late Entry. Please contact the school’s admissions department for further information. Bursaries are not available to Late Entry applicants.

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