7 plus (7+) Exam – Magdalen College School (MCS) – What you need to know

School Name Magdalen College School Junior School (MCS Junior School)

Description Boys; day school

Age range 7-11

Fees  £5,495 (years 3 and 4) rising to £5,705 per term.

Address Magdalen College School, Oxford, OX4 1DZ

Email (general enquiries) enquiries@mcsoxford.org

Website http://www.mcsoxford.org/junior-school

Telephone (general enquiries) 01865 242191

Master Dr Timothy Hands

Head of Junior School Mr Tim Skipwith

Email tskipwith@mcsoxford.org

Registrar Email registrar@mcsoxford.org

Telephone 01865 253430




Magdalen College School was founded in 1480 by William Waynfleet. He believed in education as being the primary facilitator of social mobility and wanted to create a school that would complement and prepare future scholars for Oxford University.


Today’s MCS is a proud inheritor of these traditions, enjoying and nurturing a remarkable relationship with the global university which surrounds it (although in 2015, 16 students went to Cambridge as opposed to 13 who went to Oxford – but that adds up to an impressive 29 successful Oxbridge candidates!)


The Junior School has a dedicated team of specialist teachers and boys enjoy full access to the facilities at the Senior School. Emphasis is put on pastoral care and a house system cultivates values of cooperation, loyalty and friendship.


A popular daily After School Care service operates for all pupils until 5.30pm. During these supervised sessions, boys have the opportunity to complete homework before indoor and outdoor activities commence.


The extra curricular offering is impressive and has a whole e-book dedicated to it! View here.


Admissions Process for MCS Junior School at Seven Plus


The majority of boys enter MCS Junior School at age seven, although it is possible to join in later years if places are available.




The deadline for 7+ exam applications to MCS Junior School is in October prior to the year of entry.




Please click here for a link to the MCS Junior School’s 7+ exam registration form.


Registration fee: £75


 Open Days/Visits


All are welcome to Magdalen College School’s Open Morning in September from 9.30 am to 12 noon. The full programme includes a talk by the Head of the Junior School. There is no need to book for the Open Morning. Parents with children of all ages will attend this.


In addition, Junior School Open Afternoons take place on other dates too.


Booking is essential for Open Afternoons as they are more intimate than the general Open Morning. To book, click here.


Open Afternoons offer the opportunity to see the school in action on a normal working day and are recommended for families who have already attended an Open Morning. They begin with a talk by the Master and Q&A with the Head of the Junior School, followed by a tour of the school and tea in the Dining Hall with the Master, the Usher, Heads of Departments, Housemasters, Tutors and the Registrar.


7 plus Entrance Exams


Boys take tests in English and maths. The English tests consist of spelling, creative writing and three comprehension exercises; comprehension excerpts could be from factual or fictional sources. Each section in the English test is between 15 and 20 minutes long.


The maths test is the longest and lasts 45 minutes.


With the exception of one writing task, all questions in both maths and English, are read aloud to candidates.


Recommended Materials


7 plus English practice papers, ideal for MCS 7+ exam preparation:


7+ English Pack 1

7+ English Pack 2

7+ English Pack 3

7+ English Pack 4

7+ English: Writing

7+ English: Punctuation

7+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar

7+ English: Spelling

7+ English: Inference Skills


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Comprehension

The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Writing


7 plus maths practice papers, ideal for MCS 7+ exam preparation:


7+ Mathematics Pack 1

7+ Mathematics Pack 2

7+ Mathematics Pack 3

7+ Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic

7+ Mathematics: Problem Solving


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Mathematics


7 plus Listening practice papers, ideal for MCS 7+ exam preparation:


7+ Listening Pack 1


7+ Observation Lessons and Interview


Boys who successfully pass the 7+ exams (the majority) will be called back for observation lessons and a short interview.


The lessons are conducted in small groups, last for two hours and take place either in the morning (9–11am) or afternoon (1–3pm). Attention is paid to each boy’s co-operation, enthusiasm, self-discipline and ability to concentrate. During the course of the lesson, boys will leave the group to meet the Junior Head Teacher for a short interview.


The 7 plus interview takes the format of a relaxed chat and lasts for 8-10 minutes. It is designed to find out about a boy’s interests and enthusiasms and as such boys are invited to bring an object (or picture) of their choice to stimulate discussion.


Destination Schools at 11+


All boys take the competitive entrance exam for the Senior School and enjoy an outstanding record of success in this.


It is expected that most boys will move on to the Senior School.


Bursaries and Scholarships


Scholarships and bursaries are not available in the Junior School.

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