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Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus (7+) Entrance Exam Information – Key Details 2024


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Basic information: Haberdashers’ School for Girls, formerly known as Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, is an independent day school in Elstree, Hertfordshire. Commonly referred to as Habs Girls, it was founded in 1875 and has educated a number of prominent alumni, including a former Member of Parliament and a British Empire Medal recipient. [1]


Curriculum: Habs Girls maintains a well-deserved reputation for being both competitive and prestigious, offering an education broad enough to reflect this. Plenty of practical and investigative work is featured in lessons, as girls maximise their skills in science, mathematics, languages, humanities and art, among others. 


Co-curricular: After classes, the school ensures that pupils spend quality time doing what they love, catering for their specific interests through a varied programme of activities. Everything from athletics, tennis and calligraphy to Russian Club, chess and coding is on offer, allowing girls to stretch their abilities and potential well beyond their initial expectations. [2]


Pastoral care: The wellbeing of each child on campus is the school’s main priority, and it is ensured through close collaboration between parents and staff. Politeness and friendliness are strongly encouraged within the close knit community, allowing pupils to progress through the school as courteous individuals who provide strong peer support to others. [3]


Habs Girls is a place where exhaustive intellectual, moral and spiritual resources are provided to each pupil, regardless of her financial, cultural or ethnic background. As a result, girls aim high and pursue their goals and ambitions with enthusiasm, making the most out of Habs’ truly exquisite educational offering. 


Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus (7+) Exam Information


Address: Aldenham Road, Elstree WD6 3BT

County: Hertfordshire

Admissions info: or 020 8266 2300

School type: Independent, day school for girls 

Open days: In the Spring and Autumn terms

7+ Exam date: December of Year 2

Pass mark: Aim for 70%+ in our practice tests. See below for more details.


Open Events for Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus (7+) Entry


Habs Girls hosts a number of School in Action events throughout the year, allowing prospective families to benefit from a rich programme of activities, including guided school tours and meetings with staff members. The events typically end with refreshments and a short Q&A session with the Head. Please follow this link to learn more. You can view the school’s exact location on the map below:



Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus (7+) Admissions


If you wish to register your daughter for Year 3 entry, you should do so by the deadline in mid-November of the year preceding entry. She will then be invited to the school to attend a group activity session. A written reference from her current school will be obtained. 


In the following month, selected candidates will be invited to the school to sit formal assessments, testing their skills in two areas of the curriculum. On the basis of a successful assessment, some candidates – and their parents – will be called back to meet with the Executive Head and Deputy Head of the Junior School. The aim of this meeting is to ensure that both the school and family share the same educational values. 


These interviews take place in January. Offers of places are made later the same month and the acceptance deadline is in February.


Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus (7+) Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarships and bursaries are not available to 7+ applicants.


Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus (7+) Exam Format


The Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus (7+) exam consists of the following assessments:


  • English
  • Mathematics


The English exam examines comprehension and writing skills, including inference, punctuation and grammar, as well as the fluency of your child’s reading and oral skills.


The Maths exam assesses your child’s problem-solving abilities and arithmetic skills, including knowledge of times tables.


Please see below for further details and recommendations on how to prepare for the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus entrance examination.


How to Prepare for the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus (7+) Entrance Assessment 


Practice tests are an effective tool for preparation for the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus exam. With the help of our practice tests, your child will learn to deal with various 7+ exam question types quickly and confidently. 


The benefits for your child are numerous: the tests provide focused practice and familiarity with a wide variety of possibilities and examples, serving as an indicator of any weaker areas that require additional work ahead of the exam. We suggest starting early with your revision so that you have plenty of time to identify subject areas that need additional work. 


The majority of our 7+ resources are accompanied by detailed step-by-step video tutorials for every question. These are available for free with all purchases. It’s like having a world-class tutor explain each question to your child at no extra cost!


Our practice tests are used successfully every year by tens of thousands of students targeting schools with a competitive entrance exam. They are age-appropriate, reflecting the demands of the actual exam.


Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus (7+) Exam Pass Marks and Target Scores


Pupils who are able to score 70%+ consistently in our 7+ practice tests should be on track to pass the Habs Girls 7+ assessment.


Whilst there are no guarantees, this has historically been a fairly strong indicator that your child should do well in the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 plus exam.


Don’t worry if your child is not scoring well in our practice papers from the outset. With targeted practice and focus, it’s possible to make big improvements in a short amount of time!


Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7 Plus (7+) Exam Practice Papers


If you are at the very beginning of your 7+ journey, you may wish to start with our range of 6+ resources. These cover the core skills your child needs to develop but at a slightly easier level.


Our 6+ range will help your child develop confidence and a strong foundation before they progress further with the 7+ material listed below.




We highly recommend the following practice papers to help your child prepare for the Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7+ English exam. They cover everything your child needs to know about comprehension and writing:


Full Practice Tests


7+ English Pack 1

7+ English Pack 2

7+ English Pack 3

7+ English Pack 4

7+ English Pack 5


Comprehension Skills


7+ English: Comprehension Pack 1

7+ English: Reading Workbook

7+ English: Inference Skills

7+ English: Vocabulary and Grammar


Comprehension Guide


This guide covers all the key comprehension question types in a clear, step-by-step manner so that both you and your child know exactly what to expect on exam day.


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Comprehension


Writing Skills


7+ English: Writing

7+ English: Rewrite & Improve

7+ English: Punctuation

7+ English: Spelling

7+ English: Dictation


Writing Guide


Starting from the foundational basics, this guide works its way through all the key skills your child needs to develop to become an excellent writer within the framework of what’s expected at the 7+ level.


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Writing

If you’d like to have your child’s writing assessed and marked, you may be interested in our Writing Marking Service. Please click here to learn more.




The following 7+ packs will help your child develop the key skills needed to do well in the mathematics section of the Haberdashers’ School for Girls entrance exam:


Full Practice Tests


7+ Mathematics Pack 1

7+ Mathematics Pack 2

7+ Mathematics Pack 3

7+ Mathematics Pack 4

7+ Mathematics Pack 5


Targeted Skill Development


Each of the following skill practice 7+ mathematics packs focuses on just one specific topic, covering all the possible variations your child may face on exam day:


7+ Mathematics: Mental Arithmetic

7+ Mathematics: Problem Solving

7+ Mathematics: Addition & Subtraction

7+ Mathematics: Multiplication & Division

7+ Mathematics: Geometry

7+ Mathematics: Number & Place Value

7+ Mathematics: Measurement

7+ Mathematics: Fractions

7+ Mathematics: Statistics


Mathematics Guide


This guide covers the full 7+ maths syllabus step-by-step, teaching your child everything they need to know in a fun and interactive manner.


The Complete Illustrated Guide to 7+ Mathematics




Haberdashers’ School for Girls is keen to find students who can listen to instructions, process information and respond accurately. This pack will help develop these key skills:


7+ Listening Pack 1


Habs Girls 7+ Bundle – Save 30%!


✅ You can now purchase a bundle of all of our recommended practice resources for the Haberdashers’ Girls’ 7+ exam at a large discount. Click the button below to learn more:


7+ Habs Girls Bundle



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Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in Haberdashers’ School for Girls 7+ past papers. The information provided about Haberdashers’ School for Girls was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.



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