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5 Ways to Improve Disappointing Mock Exam Results

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Today’s post comes courtesy of exam experts, Justin Craig, who provide tuition and revision support to students from their revision centres throughout the UK.


Taking a mock exam is an excellent way for students to identify any areas that they need to improve in for the final test.


With final exam dates scheduled for the summer months, encouraging students to revise nine months in advance can be tricky – especially when they have other coursework deadlines to meet beforehand.


However, it’s important to remember that no matter how soon your child’s exam is, there’s still time to help them achieve their goals.


Mock exams are used as a form of assessment to test a student’s aptitude and knowledge. They are also an excellent way for students to find out what revision techniques work for them. Whether they’re kinesthetic, auditory, visual or read-write learners, it’s clear that one type of revision and learning does not fit everyone.


Knowing how to move on from disappointing practice exam results is a real challenge. Many parents face communication barriers with their kids, and it can be difficult for either party to know how to improve their revision techniques. Students often feel at a loss when it comes to working out where they went wrong, that’s why mock exams are a great way to help them identify their weak areas.


Once a student knows their strengths and weaknesses, it’s easier for them to find the right method to improve their study techniques and raise their grades. Many experts believe that the best way to improve exam grades is to start early, get organised and learn in short bursts.


Through regular testing and spacing out of revision, information sinks in more effectively.


Here are five tips to help your child improve on disappointing mock exam results.


Attend Scheduled Revision Courses Throughout the Year

Whether your child attends revision classes at school or in private, a one day course set throughout the academic year will give them a confidence boost when it comes to revising. Even a 2 or 3-day course during the school holidays prior to the exam will help improve their study techniques and raise their grades.


Use Revision Guides


Whether your child uses CGP revision guides, examination board revision guides or those provided by your child’s school or college, each will have all the information your child needs to revise their coursework.


Revise in Small Study Groups

Revising in small study groups that are exam board-specific allows students to study the topics they want to cover. Study groups can also be tailored to specific subjects based on individual student needs.


Find the Right Environment to Revise in


right environment for revision

Revising in front of the television or in a room with a lot of noise isn’t a good idea. Too many distractions can lead to students becoming stressed and unable to retain important information. Try to encourage your child to study in the dining room, or another quiet place away from distractions – finding the right study environment is essential.


Hire a Private Tutor


Hiring a tutor can help address any knowledge gaps and provide students with invaluable insights and tips. Choosing a subject-specific tutor who is familiar with the syllabus will ensure that your child covers everything they’ll need to know for the actual exam. A tutor can also help identify the most appropriate revision techniques and the best way to tackle exam papers.

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