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We’ve just released two new packs:


13+ English Pack 1


13+ English Pack 2


These two packs are pitched at the same difficulty level but each one contains unique questions.



Who are these new packs for?


– Students preparing for 13+ Common Entrance Exams


– Students looking to develop a strong and early foundation in preparation for the 14+ Exam



What does each pack contain?


Each pack contains two, full-length practice tests. 


The questions in each test cover both Comprehension and Composition.


Detailed sample answers, explanations and mark schemes are included for each question.



How will these packs benefit my child?


These new packs:


– contain targeted questions to help your child develop core English skills.


– provide an efficient and effective way to test your child’s knowledge and identify areas of weakness.


– include a wide variety of question types and styles that accurately reflect the types of questions that could come up in your child’s actual exam.


– include detailed answers so you can mark your child’s work quickly and accurately.


– are all pitched at exam level difficulty so you can get an accurate indication of your child’s current level.



Click the links below to learn more and purchase:



13+ English Pack 1


13+ English Pack 2



Click here to view our full 13+ Range.



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