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The Medway 11+ Test takes place in September. The specific date depends on the school your child attends. This article explains the format and contents of the 11 plus exam in Medway as well as links to top 11+ Practice papers.


The Medway 11 plus has three sections:


  • Verbal Reasoning – 50 minutes Multiple-Choice
  • Mathematics – 50 minutes Multiple-Choice
  • Writing – 40 minutes + 10 minutes planning


It’s worth noting the 11 Plus Maths and Writing sections are double-weighted in comparison to the Verbal Reasoning. That means the Maths and Writing scores are given twice the importance of the Verbal Reasoning score in the Medway 11+.


How to Prepare for the 11+ (11 Plus) Medway Test


There’s no doubt the timed practice helps children to succeed in the Medway 11+. Children who are accustomed to timed pressure and dealing with multiple-choice questions will have a distinct advantage in the exam.


The Exam Papers Plus 11+ CEM range provides ideal practice for the Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning sections of the Medway 11+. The CEM definition of Verbal Reasoning includes Cloze and Comprehension questions.


Thousands of students have now successfully used the Exam Papers Plus 11+ Grammar School papers to gain entry to their first choice Grammar School.


Maximise your child’s potential in the Medway 11+ with the following packs:


Verbal Reasoning – specific skill development



Maths/Numerical Reasoning – specific skill development



English Writing – specific skill development



Full Practice Tests – (NVR sections not relevant for Medway)



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