11+ Kent And Bucks: Key Details & Resource Recommendations



In this article, we cover key information about the 11+ Exams in Kent and Buckinghamshire and included resource recommendations for specific and targeted exam preparation.


We currently have five practice tests available for each of these exams. 


If you’ve completed all five and are looking for further practice for your child, keep reading! 


11+ Kent and Bucks Exam Format


The 11+ Exams in Bucks and Kent are both created by GL Assessment. 


The exams are very similar to each other, both containing the following mutiple-choice sections:


– 25-minute Maths section
– 25-minute English section
– 20-minute Verbal Reasoning section
– 3 x Non-Verbal Reasoning sections
– 2 x Spatial Reasoning sections


The timings and number of questions in each section are the same in both the Bucks and Kent tests.


In fact, the only difference between them is the order of the subjects in the paper.


This means that if you have used all five of our Bucks practice tests, the Kent ones will provide you with excellent further practice. 


The reverse is true if you have completed all five of our Kent practice tests. In this case, the Bucks tests will prove ideal.


All you have to do it to rearrange the order of the sections once you have printed out the paper.


Each of our Kent and Bucks tests contains completely original questions. There is no duplication between any of them.


11+ Kent and Bucks Exam Practice Tests


The relevant resources are listed below: 



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