11 plus (11+) Exam – The Perse School – What you need to know

The Perse School 11 plus (11+) exam for Year 7 entry


Entry Level Eleven Plus (11+) exam 

School Name The Perse School, Cambridge

Description Co-ed

Age range 3-18

Size 1,564 approx

Fees £5,555 per term

Address The Perse Upper, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8QF

Email (general enquiries) office@perse.co.uk

Website www.perse.co.uk

Telephone (general enquiries): +44 (0) 1223 403 800

Head Edward Elliot

Admissions Tel +44 (0) 1223




‘Put bright children together and they spark off one another, spur each other on, and form a positive peer group culture in which learning is celebrated. In turn, such a concentration of talented young minds creates a wonderfully vibrant school environment…’


And so The Perse School proudly describes its ethos on its website. Boys and girls are educated together to an exceptional standard. High quality pastoral care is a highlight, creating confident, happy and successful children.


Admissions Process for The Perse School Eleven Plus (11+) for Year 7 entry


There are 70 external places available for 11+ entry at The Perse. In particular at this age, they draw from a very wide range of maintained sector primary schools.


Open Days


11+ open mornings are held twice a year. For details of the next event and to book, click here.




Registration is online and the deadline falls in December. Check out the website here for dates and a link to the form.


Entrance Exams


Applicants to The Perse School for 11+ are assessed in the academic year prior to entry. The written entrance tests are stretching and will go beyond the primary school curriculum for Year 7 entry. The entrance test consists of papers in maths (45 mins), English (1 hr) and verbal reasoning. All candidates will also have a short interview/chat with a Perse teacher along with a short humanities video/questions exercise. There are a number of sample papers available on the school’s website.


Recommended Materials


English practice papers, ideal for The Perse eleven plus (11+) exam preparation:


11+ English Pack 1

11+ English Pack 2

11+ English Pack 3

11+ Spelling Pack 1

11+ Spelling Pack 2

11+ Writing Prompts


Maths practice papers, ideal The Perse eleven plus (11+) exam preparation:


11+ Mathematics Pack 1

11+ Mathematics Pack 2

11+ Mathematics Pack 3

11+ Mental Arithmetic


Reasoning practice papers, ideal for The Perse eleven plus (11+) exam preparation:


11+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 1

11+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 2

11+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 3

11+ Verbal Reasoning Pack 4




Interviews are conducted on the same day as the written assessments.




Bursaries and scholarships are available for 11+ entry to The Perse. Further details can be accessed here.

Scholarships are not means-tested, but are limited in financial value and generally worth around 5% of the annual school fees.


Other Entry Points: 7+, 13+ and 16+



By Exam Papers Plus


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