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North London Collegiate School is an independent day school for girls in Edgware, in the London Borough of Harrow. Founded in 1850 by Frances Buss, it is considered one of the first schools to offer girls the same opportunities as boys, pioneering in the domain of female education. NLCS owns campuses in South Korea, Dubai and Singapore and is regularly featured among the most successful schools in the UK. [1]


In line with its reputation for academic excellence, NLCS offers a broad curriculum which spans across a rich range of departments. Girls take lessons in computer science, MFL, RS & philosophy, science and Classics, among others, actively preparing for further education which they often access at Oxford and Cambridge universities. 


Within its extensive offering, the school features a well-integrated pastoral and wellbeing programme which supports pupils’ academic and personal development. Staff work closely together and collaborate with parents to ensure that girls effortlessly navigate the challenges of adolescence and mature into responsible and balanced young adults. [2]


In parallel with academic excellence, NLCS encourages intellectual curiosity and risk-taking. For that reason, the school provides a board activities programme which includes Model United Nations, a global initiative aimed at boosting pupils’ public speaking, communication and negotiation skills in the effort to tackle global issues. [3]


North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information


Address: Canons, Canons Drive, Edgware Middlesex HA8 7RJ

County: Middlesex

Admissions info: or +44 (0) 208 952 0912

School type: Independent day school for girls

Number of students: 1070 (approx.)

Open Day date: In the Autumn term

NLCS 11+ Exam date: 10 December 2021


Open Events for North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 11 Plus (11+) Entry


During their Open Events, NLCS provide prospective families with the rare opportunity to explore the site and become familiar with the atmosphere on campus. On the day of the event, you will meet key members of the staff along with current pupils. Please click here for details on how to book. 


North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 11 Plus (11+) Admissions


There are approximately 60 places available for 11+ admission to North London Collegiate School. They are looking for girls who, in addition to academic ability and potential, will contribute positively to school life through their motivation, vigour and willingness to make a difference.


The registration deadline is in November of the year preceding entry and application forms should be submitted together with a £150 registration fee. Following this step of the admission process, your daughter will be invited to the school to be formally assessed. The entrance examinations take place in December.


If she performs well, she will be invited to attend an interview, set to take place in January. Offers are posted out in February, to be accepted by the deadline in early March.


North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 11 Plus (11+) Scholarships and Bursaries


NLCS offers Handel Music Scholarships to girls with particular aptitude for music. To be considered for the award, your daughter must pass the December entrance examinations and music audition, held in late January of the calendar year of entry.


The scholarship’s worth is equivalent to the cost of individual music lessons in two instruments. The deadline for applications is in November of the year preceding entry. More details are available here


Bursaries are also available and are related to the family’s income and assets. Values range from 10–100%, depending on the level of need for financial assistance. 


Bursaries are reviewed annually and may vary in value. Please note that families with annual gross income of over £75000 are typically considered ineligible.


The deadline for applications is in November of the year preceding entry. Follow this link to learn the exact date.


North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 11 Plus (11+) Exam Format


The North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 11+ exam consists of the following tests:


  • English (1 hr 20 mins)
  • Maths (1 hr 15 mins)


The English paper examines both comprehension and writing skills, including inference, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation. Marks will be awarded for good use of imagination, creativity, form, purpose, organisation, cohesion and sentence structure.


The maths exam assesses your child’s problem-solving abilities and arithmetic skills. The paper will include questions on algebra, shape and measures and data handling.


Please see below for further details and recommendations on how to prepare for the NLCS 11+ entrance examination.


How to Prepare for the North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 11 Plus (11+) Exam


Our practice tests help students become familiar with the style and layout of the NLCS exams, which can help boost their confidence in the lead up to the big day. They cover all the question types that could be asked in the entrance exam and can be used to identify any weaker areas that require additional work.


Once you devise a specific study schedule and a structured approach towards 11+ exam preparation, you will be able to remove unnecessary stress from the preparation process and make it more manageable for your child.


We highly recommend that students take our practice tests under timed conditions to get used to answering questions quickly and under time pressure.


Our practice tests are age-appropriate, yet still challenging, corresponding perfectly with the demands of a competitive independent school’s 11+ entrance exam. They are available for immediate download, print and use after purchase.


Our recommendations to help your child prepare for the NLCS 11 plus entrance examination can be found below.


North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 11 Plus (11+) Exam Practice Papers


Recommendations for each section of the North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 11 Plus exam can be found below:




We highly recommend the following packs to prepare successfully for the North London Collegiate School 11+ English paper. They will help improve your daughter’s comprehension skills, such as inference, and writing skills, including spelling, vocabulary and punctuation:




11+ English Pack 1


11+ English Pack 2


11+ English Pack 3


11+ English Pack 4


11+ English Pack 5


11+ Inference Skills


11+ Poetry Comprehension


11+ Complete Comprehension Guide


11+ Reading Workbook




11+ Complete Writing Guide


11+ Writing Prompts


11+ Rewrite & Improve


11+ Spelling Pack 1


11+ Spelling Pack 2




We highly recommend the use of the following packs to help develop your daughter’s arithmetic and problem-solving skills within the examination context of the North London Collegiate School 11+ maths test:


Full Practice Tests


11+ Mathematics Pack 1


11+ Mathematics Pack 2


11+ Mathematics Pack 3


11+ Mathematics Pack 4


Skill Specific Practice


11+ Problem Solving Pack 1


11+ Problem Solving Pack 2


11+ Mental Arithmetic 


11+ Algebra


11+ Angles & Degrees




11+ Estimation & Place Value


11+ Factors & Multiples


11+ Fractions, Decimals & Percentages


11+ Measurements


11+ Money


11+ Operations


11+ Perimeter, Area & Volume


11+ Position & Direction


11+ Probability


11+ Properties of Shapes


11+ Ratio & Proportion


11+ Reflection, Rotation & Symmetry


11+ Sequences


11+ Special Numbers


11+ Speed, Distance & Time


11+ Statistics




11+ Interviews – The Complete Guide



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North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 11 Plus (11+) Exam Pass Marks

Schools don’t usually reveal the exact pass marks for their entrance exams. However, based on previous years’ experience, we recommend aiming for 80%+ in our practice tests by the time your child takes the actual exam.

Whilst there are no guarantees, this has historically been a fairly strong indicator that your child is on track to do well in the NLCS 11+ written exam.

Don’t worry if your child is not scoring this high from the outset. With targeted practice and focus, it’s possible to make big improvements in a short amount of time!


Our practice tests aim to show what sort of questions were included in North London Collegiate School 11+ exam past papers. The information provided about the North London Collegiate School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.


Other entry points for North London Collegiate School:


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