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We’re excited to let you know about our new packs:



11+ Verbal Reasoning (CEM) Synonyms and Antonyms Pack 1


11+ Verbal Reasoning (CEM) Synonyms and Antonyms Pack 2



We recommend completing Pack 1 before moving on to Pack 2.



A note about Pack 2:

Every year, students report that there were a couple of extremely challenging words included in their 11+ exam, so we wanted to create a resource that focused on these. As such, this pack may well include a number of words that your child has not come across before and it is representative of only the most challenging vocabulary that could be included in their test. The aim is to allow students to become familiar with these more advanced words and to practise deducing the answer even when they are unsure of a word’s exact meaning.


Who are these packs designed for?


These packs will benefit all students aiming to improve the depth and range of their vocabulary in the run-up to the 11+ exam. However, they will prove especially beneficial for the following:


– Students taking a CEM 11+ grammar school exam.


– Students taking a CEM 11+ independent school exam, such as the new London Consortium assessment.


– Students taking the CEM Select online pre-test, used by numerous schools including Wycombe Abbey and St. Paul’s Girls’ School.


– Students taking exams that are known to test challenging vocabulary such as the first round tests at the Sutton and Kingston grammar schools.


If you’re unsure if these pack swill be relevant for your child, let us know which school/s you are applying to and we will confirm for you.


Why are these packs important?


Verbal Reasoning is tested in all CEM exams. There will almost always be a section or two called ‘Word Choice’. Each question in this section presents a challenging word and requires students to identify which of five options has either a similar or opposite meaning.


You can see a few examples of this question type on pages 8 and 9 of this official CEM sample test.


In previous years, these types of questions have formed a relatively large part of the marks in CEM exams, with a ‘Word Choice’ section appearing in both Paper A and Paper B. Clearly therefore, preparing for this question type can make a huge difference to a child’s overall score.


What is included in these packs?


There are 24 tests included in each pack. 12 tests focus on identifying synonyms and 12 tests focus on identifying antonyms.


Each test has 29 questions, so there are 696 questions in total in each pack.


Answer sheets are included, so your child can get used to marking their answers just like they will need to in the actual exam.


Answers are included.


Each pack contains 155 pages in total.


How will these packs benefit my child?


As with all our material, we’ve focused on producing practice tests that can be used to prepare accurately and efficiently.


Each test is laid out exactly like a ‘Word Choice’ section in a written 11+ CEM exam.


Just like the CEM tests, we have provided a tight time limit for each test so students can get used to working under time pressure.


Pack 2 is designed to be harder than Pack 1. We recommend beginning with Pack 1.


Pack 2 focuses on very challenging vocabulary and it’s likely your child will not be familiar with many of the words. Therefore, these tests will provide them with plenty of opportunities to develop and broaden their vocabulary.


Furthermore, it will provide an opportunity to practise making educated guesses and assumptions when your child is not sure of a word’s meaning.


This can be done by using a word’s root or comparing to similar sounding words that they do know. Since the questions are multiple-choice, they can also use a process of elimination on the answer choices.


This is a useful skill to hone as there may well be words in the exam that are new to them. Furthermore, multiple-choice written 11+ exams are not negatively marked so it’s worth attempting every question.


Overall, these are great, targeted resources that can be efficiently used to learn new words quickly whilst developing exam technique.


These packs are available for immediate purchase and download by clicking here and  here. We are confident that you will find them beneficial for your child’s exam preparation.



Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.

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